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My Ideal Garden For A Family With Children

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When we moved into our house the garden was a HUGE thing we needed to tackle. Although we thought it was beautiful when we bought the house, we soon came to realise that it was overgrown, a mess and actually, pretty dangerous in places. The garden was one of the areas we sorted out first because we knew we would want to start a family at some point. The garden was no safe place for a toddler running around! However, without actually having that toddler I didn’t really know what my ideal family garden was. Now I do know what I’d like though:

Designated Play Area

At the moment Erin’s toys and playhouse is one side of the garden but I hate where it is now. We have a large area at the back of the garden that I would love to section off and make into Erin’s garden. I would love to have a white picket fence that led to an area with play bark and loads of fun things for her to do. It would be great to have a small area of patio too so that she could play with a mud kitchen and get messy to her heart’s content.

Redwood Lodge Playhouse

A Place To Relax

Something I have always wanted in a garden is somewhere I can go after a long day to unwind, or to relax in if it’s a nice day! I would love to be able to work outside during the day in the summer but at the moment, the garden is a bit of a stressful place to be.

I would really love a large set of rattan garden furniture to take up the corner of the garden that is currently Erin’s play area. I want to look at pretty roses while laying on a sun lounger reading a book. Of course, I need to find time to do that but the dream is there!

A Hassle-free Lawn

When we had the garden makeover we opted to go for a large area of decking and a lot of turf. The lawn looked beautiful for a month maximum and then it was ruined. Back then, we had Jackson (the dog) and him using the garden as a toilet left destroyed patches everywhere and then there was the massive holes he dug everywhere. No matter what we did he wouldn’t stop. I wish I’d gone with my initial idea to start with which was fake grass.

With fake grass there is nothing to mow, no weeds to deal with and nothing really that a dog can ruin… unless he tries to eat it too. While artificial grass may seem like an expensive choice it is really worth it in the long run. Not only will you not have to spend any money on weed killers or lawn mowers but you also get to enjoy your lawn without any stress of the upkeep!

Lean To

I love that we have quite a large patio area just outside our kitchen door, as well as the rest of the garden. At the moment, this is home to our rabbits, storage boxes and bins but there is still loads of space for Erin to play. She loves to be outside and gets so sad sometimes when she can’t play in the garden when it’s raining. A lean to or some kind of shelter would be great because then Erin would be able to use the garden no matter what the weather is like.

If you’re looking for even more ideas for the garden, be sure to check out this post from Mrs Mummy Harris! She has some fab ideas and it’s a great post for inspiration.

We’ll get there with the garden eventually, and we’ll have somewhere great to spent time as a family.ย 


My Ideal Garden For A Family With Children

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