NA review: Fall With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

22693284Title: Fall With Me
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Wait For You #4
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Avon Books
Release date: 31st March 2015

Roxy’s loved Reece Anders since she was fifteen, so when the straitlaced cop finally surrendered to a steamy encounter years later, Roxy hoped he’d fall for her, too. He didn’t. Or that’s what she’s always believed. But then Reece storms back into her life when the man who injured her childhood friend is out of prison and wanting to make amends—something Roxy cannot do.

The last thing she wants is to go there with Reece again, but he’s determined to prove to her that he’s exactly what she needs. Especially when a sick creep starts messing with her. But what’s more dangerous to Roxy—a psycho after her or the past that refuses to let go and allow her to open up her heart again?

The Wait For You series is one of my favourite New Adult series, so much so that I have any new books on pre-order and it takes quite a lot for me to do that.

In the previous book, Stay With Me, we meet protagonist Roxy who works in a local bar. It was clear in Stay With Me that there was something going on between Roxy and Officer Reece Anders but there was only snippets of them both. I wanted more then so I couldn’t wait to read their story.

Although Roxy works in the local bar, we quickly learn a lot more about her. Deep down she’s an artist but she also goes to community college to get herself a ‘career’, even if it’s not something she actually loves. Roxy is a really feisty and fun character and I really enjoyed her story. She’s secretly been in love with Reece, Officer Anders, since she was 15 but one night changed everything and now she stays away from him as much as possible.

Together, Roxy and Reece are amazing. The chemistry between them has been building up for a very long time so there is a lot of sexual tension before they actually get it together. I really enjoyed the push and pull in this relationship and it was never like one was more dominant than the other overall, although each character did have their moments.

Fall With Me’s plot is full of suspense and mystery. Roxy’s best friend was seriously injured and the man responsible is just about to get out of jail. Reece feels extremely protective over Roxy but she doesn’t want to let him in but she ends up with no other choice. Strange things are going on and Roxy is scared and Reece is the only one who can keep her safe. You never really know what is going on with Roxy until all is revealed and I loved that.

Fall With Me has been one of my favourites in the series so far but I do also tend to say that with each new release!

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