NA review: Letting Go by Jessica Ruddick

Title: Letting Go
Author: Jessica Ruddick
Series: N/A
Acquired: Review
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Release date: 26th May 2015

Cori Elliott likes order. Her schedule, her social life…even her GPA is perfect. Then she finds out her high school boyfriend’s death wasn’t an accident—it was suicide. The devastating revelation is enough to fracture her perfectly structured life, sending Cori in a downward spiral of self-doubt and impulsive decisions.

And right into the arms of Luke Evans.

But Cori’s life isn’t perfect anymore. In fact, it’s all coming apart. The only way she can save herself is to let go of everything—including the girl she used to be. Even if it means losing the one guy who might just be perfect for her in the process… 

Cori really isn’t looking for love, not after the recent death of her high school boyfriend. She throws herself into school and doesn’t really care about much else. But, on an impulsive night out with friends she meets Luke, the boy she never expected and the boy she wasn’t prepared for. 

Jessica Ruddick’s writing makes it easy to get lost in this book. I was hooked from the start and couldn’t get enough of protagonist Cori. She has suffered a great loss since her high school boyfriend died and she’s really struggling to move on from it. She throws herself into her new life at college because she doesn’t know what else she can do. I liked Cori because she was real. She struggled with life, she was awkward around new people and she didn’t want to be pushed into things she wasn’t ready for. 

The plot follows Cori and romantic interest Luke, who she meets at a party. The relationship between Cori and Luke was extremely natural and flowed nicely. Nothing was rushed between these two and I liked how they took things slow but still managed to have fantastic chemistry. Each character adds something to the other and together, they’re great! What was also nice was that their relationship worked around their normal lives which is sometimes forgotten in both young adult and new adult novels. Sometimes books become all about the romance and I loved that Ruddick didn’t forget the character’s normal lives. 

Although the romance was great, there was a lot more to this one. Yes, Luke becomes a big part of the story but the plot is really about Cori and her being able to lose the guilt she has over her boyfriend’s death. A new man in her life does not make her forget what she once had and a big emphasis is put on how it’s okay to move on but still remember things in the past. Cori struggles once she meets Luke because she’s not sure how she’s supposed to feel about liking someone new. 

Letting Go is a really good new adult novel and Ruddick’s writing and characters are spot on!

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