New Adult Review: Breakable by Tammara Webber

Title: Breakable
Author: Tammara Webber
Series: Contours of the Heart #2
Acquired: Gifted
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Penguin
Release date: 7th May 2014

Landon Lucas Maxfield was hopeful and optimistic about his life until a tragedy destroyed everything. In a downward spiral, Landon sees no way forward, no way to the life he could have had… before. 

Long after, Landon becomes Lucas and leaves his old life behind. When he meets Jacqueline, Lucas’ desire to takes over and he will be whatever she needs him to be, even if he knows he shouldn’t. After all, his soul has already been shattered once and he knows better than anyone how happiness can be taken away so quickly. 

Breakable is a companion novel to the other book in this series as this is Easy told from Lucas’ point of view instead of Jacqueline’s. I actually posted my review of Easy way back in January 2013 so it’s been a long time since I read it and to be honest, I could only remember bits about it. 

Breakable concentrates on how Landon Lucas Maxfield became Lucas as he is now known. When he was a young boy and went by Landon, he went through something really traumatic and it changed his life completely. In Easy I sort of remember him being a bit of a rock for Jacqueline but not getting to know his full story. Breakable shows us what Lucas went through and how that affected him growing up. 

This book is told through the points of view of both Lucas and Landon even though they are the same person. Landon is a boy going through a rough time and struggles to cope. Lucas is a mature young man who has figured out how to make something of himself even though he never thought it was possible. I really liked this way of the story being told as it made it possible to really realise how much Lucas grows over the course of the book. 

The thing with retellings is that they can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment because they don’t offer enough new content or excitement. This certainly isn’t the case with Breakable though. Yes, there is some conversations that are the same as in Easy but that’s bound to happen and I didn’t mind that at all. Instead of rehashing Easy, this book gives us the chance to discover how Lucas feels about Jacqueline in his own words instead of his actions we’ve seen before. 

What I really loved about this book was being able to read the love story between Lucas and Jacqueline all over again but with a bit of a difference. I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it quite as much though if I had read Easy recently as everything would have been too fresh in my mind. However, it was quite nice to read certain chapters and for them to be familiar to me. 

Breakable is a wonderful New Adult novel and I’m glad I did read it eventually although I had been putting it off for quite some time. 

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