New Adult Review: Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

Title: Breaking Nova
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Series: Nova #1
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Sphere
Release date: 9th October 2014

Nova Reed once had everything she thought she ever wanted but then it was all taken away. Since that day, Nova has struggled. She struggles to live, struggles to feel anything. She doesn’t know why it happened and she doesn’t understand. 

Quinton Carter has a second chance at life, even if he doesn’t think he deserves it. He’s sworn to never allow himself to be happy again but then he meets Nova. He knows he should stay away from her, knows he isn’t good enough but he just can’t help himself. There’s something about Nova that makes him want to feel alive again. 

Jessica Sorensen is one of my go to authors. If I’m in a rut with reading or I just haven’t had the time for a while, I pick up one of her books and I remember what I’ve been missing. She did it again for me with Breaking Nova. 

This review is a hard one to write because I don’t want to give away too much about the plot. 

Nova once had a wonderful life and she was perfectly happy but her boyfriend Landon was not. The day he goes away is the day that Nova struggles to live. The book begins with her and Landon and the lead up to everything going wrong. The beginning is also an introduction to Quinton and how his life also go to be the way is for the rest of the book. Two major events happen within the first few pages and they’re very dramatic. These two things are what shape the main characters and it was a good way of opening the story. 

Nova and Quinton happen to meet through a friend but they soon become inseparable. They become drawn to one another due to the events of their past. Nova wants to get to know Quinton but he is very guarded and secretive. There are things he doesn’t want Nova knowing about his past no matter how much she tries to get it out of him. This is only book 1 in the series so as far as character development goes, there isn’t as much as maybe some would hope for. It’s clear from this book that Nova and Quinton have a lot to work on and that will come later on. However, Breaking Nova gives us glimpses of what each character could become in time. 

Although most of Jessica Sorensen’s books have darker themes this one goes that little bit  
further. I have read other reviews of this book that were quite negative about the use of drugs throughout. I actually really liked this about the book. The situations characters were put in were real and not glamourised at all. Never are drugs shown to be a good thing but instead they’re used as a way of coping which I can imagine people doing in real life. Quinton especially wants to be able to forget and drugs are his way of doing this. 

As plots go, Breaking Nova isn’t the most exciting book in the world but it is deep, meaningful and one hell of a roller coaster of emotion. Both Nova and Quinton are heartbreaking at times because I just wanted to see them both happy. They struggle so much with themselves, life and each other and that’s a lot for any nineteen year olds to have to deal with. 

If I had one little niggle about this book it would be Quinton and it really is a tiny niggle. I really wanted him to be able to see things clearly and to see that what he thought was wrong. His ‘I’m not good enough’ speeches got to be a little too much for me at times and I could have done with a little bit less of this. 

Overall, Breaking Nova was a really good read and I can’t wait to see what happens with Nova and Quinton next. 

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