New Adult review: My Favourite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Title: My Favourite Mistake
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Series: My Favourite Mistake #1
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Mira Ink
Release date: 15th February 2013

When Hunter Zaccadelli knocks on the door and reveals himself as the new roommate, Taylor Caldwell is not impressed at all. She doesn’t want to be stuck with a male roommate, especially considering she’ll be the one sharing with him. 

Hunter makes a bet with Taylor that if she can convince him she either loves or hates him before the end of the semester, he’ll leave. She thinks it will be easy to hate him but Hunter is as charming as they come, even when he’s being an ass!

This was one of those books that I bought when trying to find some new New Adult novels to read as I had been reading the same authors over and over again. I didn’t know what to expect at all when I went into it. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed within the first few pages but as I was on a train and needed something to read, I carried on with it. To start with, the main character Taylor is a bit crazy which didn’t make her the most likeable person in the world. The plot revolves around her and two other friends who live together at college in co-ed dorms. When a guy turns up at the door and says he’s their new roommate she completely overreacts. I mean, she knew a guy would be allowed to live there and if she didn’t like that, she shouldn’t have moved in! Then, when the guy (Hunter) gets a bit too close for comfort she punches him right in the face instead of telling him to back off. That’s not okay in my book especially as he didn’t really do anything wrong. 

Hunter on the other hand I did like but then compared to Taylor anyone would have been nice. The thing with Hunter is that Taylor sees him as, and calls him, an ass. He’s not really though. He does come across as quite cocky and a bit full of himself but he’s funny with it at the same time. Even when Taylor is either beating him up a bit, calling him names and generally being mean to him, Hunter is incredibly patient. He does the nicest things like sings for her, cooks amazing dinners and has beautiful jewellery made for her. I think if anything, Hunter is probably a bit of a push over. 

The plot didn’t really do a lot for me. As mentioned in the plot synopsis, Hunter makes a bet with Taylor that could result in him being homeless. Taylor only cares about herself in this situation and wants him gone. The plot really focuses on Taylor and Hunter spending more time with each other and getting to know one another. Each character has a past and the reveal of what has happened doesn’t occur until a long way in the book. While I didn’t really like the plot overall, I did like seeing Hunter trying to interact and win over Taylor because he was quite funny. 

So, My Favourite Mistake wasn’t for me. 

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