New Adult Review: Near and Far by Nicole Williams

Title: Near and Far
Author: Nicole Williams
Series: Lost and Found #2
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Nicole Williams
Release date: 28th July 2013

Jesse Walker had no doubt that he could make it work with Rowen Sterling even if they were living in different places but he soon comes to realise that long distance relationships are not easy and he had planned. Rowen is away studying art which is her dream while he’s left back at home working on the family ranch. 

While Jesse spent all summer working on saving Rowen from her demons, he didn’t bank on his own resurfacing. With space and time separating him and Rowen, Jesse has far too much time to think and the thoughts in his head could mean the end of everything… if he lets them! 

Near and Far is the second book in this series so this review may contain minor spoilers for Lost and Found (book 1). 

Jesse and Rowen went through quite a lot in Lost and Found before they could find their happy place together. However, at the end of that book Rowen was about to head off to college and follow her dream of being an artist, leaving Jesse back at the ranch working with his family. 

Long distance relationships are hard work but Rowan and Jesse are doing their best to make it work. Either he will go and see her in Seattle or she will go back home to see him. Although they get to see each other quite often it’s not as much as either of them would like. They don’t like being apart and soon the cracks in their relationship begin to show. The distance apart and time spent away from one another takes its toll on them both. 

Near and Far is told through alternating chapters so both Rowen and Jesse do get their own voice but I felt like this book was a lot more about Jesse than it was Rowan and the first book was the other way around but this was a good thing. Jesse was seemingly very together before and it was as though he had to be strong for both him and Rowen. However, in Near and Far we get to see more of what he has been through in life and the things he struggles with. Jesse’s character comes a hell of a long way in this book but not without going through a lot first. 

This time around it’s Rowen’s turn to be strong for Jesse. Well, she tries to be anyway. She has a lot going on in her own life and being at art school in Seattle so she’s not always completely clear on what the best thing to do is. She knows that she loves Jesse but is torn between following her dreams and following him. Then there are a few other obstacles thrown in her way for her to figure out as well. 

The plot, however predictable at times, was certainly enjoyable. There were enough twists and turns throughout to keep me guessing a little bit and the pace exciting. As I said, there was some predictability but not the whole way through. I also really liked the addition of new characters in Near and Far such as Rowen’s roommate Alex. She was hilarious and highly inappropriate most of the time but it made her really fun to read about and she also helped to lighten up some of the more serious moments. 

Near and Far is not only a love story for Rowen and Jesse but a story about coming to terms with life, making good decisions and learning to trust the people around you. I can’t say that I liked as quite as much as Lost and Found but it will still a really good read. 

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