New Adult Review: One More Chance by Abbi Glines

Title:One More Chance
Author: Abbi Glines
Series: Rosemary Beach #8
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release date: 11th September 2014

Grant Carter was once a playboy with a reputation to match but then he found a girl worth giving that up for. He loved Harlow Manning with everything he had but then he made the mistake of letting her go. 

Harlow did everything she could to stay away from bad boys because she knew they’d end up breaking her heart and she was right. She couldn’t help but fall in love with Grant though but when her secret came out, she was left all alone. She desperately wants Grant back but can he handle everything that comes with her?

This is the eight book in the Rosemary Beach series but also the second part of Grant and Harlow’s story. Unlike in the first book, Take A Chance where the story was told from different times, this one is told from both Grant and Harlow’s perspectives throughout. 

In this book Grant and Harlow are no longer together. A big secret came out at the end of Take A Chance and Grant didn’t know how to handle it. Well, he handled it very badly. Both characters need to deal with the consequences of their actions and from this comes to fabulous character development. 

One of Grant’s biggest fears was losing someone he loved which is why he was so scared to love Harlow in the first place. Now he has experienced losing her he knows what he needs to do. He needs to be with her no matter what but it’s not that easy. Harlow isn’t giving in easily and she is also very guarded. I really enjoyed the back and forth with Grant and Harlow. The passion for each other shines through in Abbi Glines’ writing but the pain is also there. There were moments I was routing for them both but I could also see why some things weren’t happening. 

A lot of the plot of this book revolves around Harlow’s secrets and it’s a hard thing to write about without giving spoilers for those who haven’t read this one or the book before yet. However, I will say that One More Chance was exciting and passionate and extremely emotional. Letters are written as a way of telling the story in some parts and I was almost in tears several times. 

This wouldn’t be an Abbi Glines book though without some steamy scenes between Grant and Harlow. This is not the most explicit of books in the series but it gives readers what they want in regards to Grant and Harlow. What I appreciated with this book though was some much sweeter moments. 

This review has been a hard one to write as I didn’t want to give too much away. What I will say though is that Grant and Harlow’s story is amazing and both books I read in one sitting each. 

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