New Adult review: You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

Title: You Were Mine 
Author: Abbi Glines
Series: Rosemary Beach #9
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release date: 2nd December 2014

Tripp Newark left his wealthy home in Rosemary Beach when he was 18 because he thought he had to. Most people thought he was running away from his overbearing father who wanted him to take a certain path in life but really he was running from something and someone else. 

Bethy Lowry cannot get over the death of her boyfriend who died not too long ago from drowning while trying to save her as she’d had to much to drink. She’s out of her depth working in the local Country Club, surrounded by the wealthy people of Rosemary Beach because she’s not one of them. But, years ago she fell in love with someone she shouldn’t have and that one person changed everything!

Finally, I am pretty much up to date with Abbi Glines’ books. It was a bad thing to have such a massive break from reading, writing reviews and blogging because I got seriously behind with some of my favourite series. It’s pre-ordering for Abbi Glines’ releases for now on I think. 

You Were Mine is told from both the past and the present. Bethy and Tripp met years before the present day and this book is the story of how they met and how they have come to be in the present. For most of the book it alternates between one chapter from Tripp and one from Bethy in the past and then the same again for where they are right now. I really liked this way of telling the story as it wasn’t one sided at all and we get to see both character’s perspectives. 

Both Bethy and Tripp have been in other books in this series but have never had a book of their own, until now. This had been one of the stories I had been looking forward to though because I hate not knowing what’s going on and in the previous book I got to see Bethy not doing too well so I was desperate to read her story. A few books ago Bethy’s boyfriend Jace dies trying to save her life but he ends up drowning and since then she has been spiraling out of control. 

One of the things with Bethy is that she has come across as a bit of a party animal in previous books but You Were Mine shows why she acts that way and explains the things that have happened to her. I absolutely loved reading about Bethy as a younger, quite innocent girl and to then see her transform into someone else completely. 

Tripp has to be one of my favourite characters in an Abbi Glines book. The thing with Tripp is that he always came across as genuine. He was never the bad boy that did something wrong or messed up in some way but he did have a dirty mouth on him which was something I loved. It made him that little bit more exciting and real. 

You Were Mine is a pretty emotional story as the plot focuses on Bethy and Tripp working through their problems and their past. This book made me tear up at so many different moments. Not only that but it made my heart race at a couple of different moments too. I think You Were Mine is the most well rounded of Abbi Glines’ books as it has everything you could possibly want. 

I loved this book so much that I want to read it again already!

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