No longer just a book blog

When I started this blog, I had so much free time for reading. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time for reading that I used to. This is mostly due to working full time, being married and also having bought our first house together. 

The house is Victorian and the previous owners haven’t looked after it very well. It isn’t falling down or anything but pretty much all of the period features are now gone and the decor is shoddy, to say the least. Everything is covered in white it has no personality whatsoever. We also have a massive garden which has been neglected. There are massive bushes all over the place and there is no design to it. At the moment everything looks overgrown. 95% of the floor space was also covered in horrible gravel! We have now managed to get rid of a lot of it by giving it away for free on Facebay but there is still more underneath all of the bushes to get rid of. 

Our new home takes up all of my free time at the moment and I’m constantly finding things to do and things to potter about with.

We also have two wonderful pet rabbits called Flopsy and Mopsy who I will introduce you to in a different post. They are such characters now and we’ve only had them for a month. 

So, although I will still be reviewing books and films now and again, when I have the time, I have decided to change into a lifestyle blog. More of an all sorts blog actually. From now on this will be a blog for journalling the changes we make to the house and garden and other things that we get up to. I want to start trying to upcycle furniture once I buy the right paint in a few weeks so it will also be about decorating, colours and that kind of thing.

For those of you who follow for the book reviews, you’ll still get to read them but also learn a lot more about me, my husband and our wonderful new home.

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