One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy

owgTitle: One Week Girlfriend 
Author: Monica Murphy
Series: Drew and Fable #1
Acquired: Bought
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Headline Eternal
Release date: 5th November 2013

Drew Callahan is preparing for his trip home for Thanksgiving but to save any hassle from his Dad and stepmother he needs a fake girlfriend to go with him, and fast!

Fable Maguire knows how hard it is to earn decent money working multiple jobs to take take of her little brother seeing as her mother can’t seem to be bothered. When Drew approaches her and makes her a deal, she can’t refuse. Fable has to push aside the feelings of being used and how cheap it makes her feel but she does what she has to.

Neither Drew or Fable are prepared for what can happen in just one week.


I had seen this author popping up all over my Facebook page and I have to admit, I was curious. I had seen so many good reviews for this series that I just had to give it a go.

Drew and Fable are completely different. He’s the star quarterback and she’s from the poorer side of town, working just to support herself and her brother. Fable has somewhat of a reputation and Drew is known for never staying with a girl, which is why he needs to take a fake girlfriend home. His offer of $3000 is one Fable can’t refuse and quickly they’re headed to Drew’s home for a week.

To begin with I found everything about this book a bit too awkward. Although Fable is a pretty strong character, she and Drew don’t know each other apart from their reputations. They don’t really know how to talk to each other and they don’t know how to be around each other. I also didn’t really buy that Drew would take someone home who he didn’t know at all. That just seems a bit weird to me.

Anyway, things do get better. The more time Drew and Fable spend together the more they get to know one another and they realise they have more in common than they could imagine. Drew has some real secrets and Fable doesn’t think very much of herself. Each character is able to help the other in many ways and I really enjoyed seeing them both grow and become stronger people.

Parts of One Week Girlfriend are really predictable but then there are others which are either quite shocking or quite exciting. I was really quite torn with this one as there was enough that I really enjoyed for me to carry on reading but then there were other aspects which annoyed me, like the girlfriend situation being so unbelievable.

It’s a shame that this book wasn’t as strong the whole way through as it could have been really good instead of just okay.

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