Dantoy Bio-Toy Pretend Play Dinner Set Review

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  When it comes to playing, we do a lot of role play. Erin loves to pretend and she could spend hours playing this way and with it now being the summer holidays, we will be outside a lot. We look for toys that are going to last through a lot of play, being thrown around and also, that won’t break or fade quickly. We were recently sent the Dantoy Bio-Toy Pretend Play Dinner Set*, which comes from a new brand to us. What’s different about this toy, and the Bio-Toy

Wickey MultiFlyer DeLuxe Climbing Frame Review

AD | Includes gifted item Our back garden has always been somewhere that we spend a lot of time, especially since Erin was born. Sometimes it can be hard to get out and go somewhere but we also don’t want to be stuck indoors. Now that Erin is 4, getting on for 5, we have been planning to make the back garden more child friendly and fun. Although we have had smaller things for Erin to play with, nothing was enough to make her want to stay outside for any real length of time. What we really needed was a

Unravel Lots Of Surprises With Ravel Tales

AD | Contains gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *) Erin is a huge fan of collectable toys and we’ve recently discovered something really quite different; Ravel Tales. Inside each box you will find a brightly coloured ball of yarn, ready and waiting to be unravelled by the person who finds it. Erin was so excited to unravel the ball, and to see what she might find inside. The rainbow coloured yarn is really very long and being only small, Erin found herself getting quite tangled up in it all but she thought it was so much fun. Hiding

Adding To Our Magformers Collection

AD | Gifted item with affiliate links marked with * It wasn’t all that long ago that Erin discovered Magformers for the first time. She’s such an imaginative child and really loves to put things together so Magformers was an instant hit. Since then we have reviewed Milo’s Mansion, which is a really cute set where you can build a house for a dog. It was really different from the first set we got as it gave Erin something specific to build (although you can build it in different ways) but Erin still wanted to build something bigger. Our newest set is

Burgers And Fries, Oh My! Post Lockdown Dining At Zaks

AD | Gifted meal It’s no secret that I love a good burger. In fact, it’s something I look for if we go out for a meal and I’m on a bit of a mission to find the best one. A couple of years ago we reviewed Zaks Fine American Restaurants in Norwich and it was pretty bloody good. However, my last visit was really very average and it wasn’t nearly as good as it had been the first time. Not long after that average meal, Zaks gained two new owners though, who promised to make some awesome changes and

Housewarming Gifts You Can Purchase Online

AD | Gifted item For the past couple of months most of us haven’t been going out as much. Shops have been shut until recently and we have been looking to shopping online more to get the things we need. Something that I thought about recently was being able to purchase gifts for people who we might not be able to see in person. Shopping online is ideal for this as it means you can get the gift delivered direct to the recipient. We posted about men’s gifts a couple of weeks ago but today we’re talking about housewarming gifts.

Hotter Shoes Island Sandals Review

AD | Gifted item Being a busy parent means that I run around after Erin all the time. We are a non-driving family and this can mean walking a lot on any average day. That might be taking Erin to and from school, it might be doing a weekly food shop and it might be going on a long walk along our local canal. I need shoes that will get me through the day without aches, pains or blisters from new shoes rubbing. I’ve tried so many different kinds of shoes over the years but nothing has been just right.

Booking A Disneyland Paris Trip With MagicBreaks

When it comes to booking holidays there are so many options. Booking a holiday to Disneyland Paris is no different and if you’ve never done it before, it can be a bit of a headache. When we started to look at booking our holiday it was quite overwhelming and I went back to it so many times before making a decision. In the end, we booked with MagicBreaks so I wanted to share my experience. Choosing Magic Breaks I’ll be completely honest here, our choice to use MagicBreaks was all about money. A lot of the different websites were coming