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Painting Without The Mess With Little Brian Paint Sticks

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Something that Erin loves to do more than anything is to paint but we don’t get to do it much at home. We had a brand new carpet put into our living room/ dining room at the beginning of the year so we mostly only do real painting in the garden now. Luckily, Little Brian Paint Sticks are a really great alternative and then offer a mess free way for children to play and be creative. Paint Sticks dry really fast and they can be used on lots of different surfaces.

Giant Paint Stick

If your house is anything like ours then there will be toys, games and art supplies all over the place. Storage is always an issue, especially when we get something with quite a few small parts. The Little Brian Giant Paint Stick is really fantastic because not only does it look like a yellow Paint Stick, it holds so much inside.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Giant Paint Stick

The Giant Paint Stick comes with 12 classic colours, 12 metallic colours and 6 day glow colours and they are all stacked up inside. Once Erin realised that there was more than just the first layer she couldn’t wait to tip them all out to see what colours she had to use.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Giant Paint Stick

This set comes with a real assortment of colours so you can do a lot with them. We’ve never had any metallic or day glow colours before and they really are quite different to the classic colours. Of course, one of the best things for me is that the tube becomes storage afterwards for the paint sticks and they can be tidied away really easily.

Paint Sticks Bucket

If you’re looking for something a bit more portable then it’s worth looking at the Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket. During the warmer months, we do a lot outside in our back garden, as well as indoors so it’s nice to be able to have something for Erin to carry around easily. The Paint Sticks Bucket comes with 20 Paint sticks of which are 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 2 metallic colours.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket

The handle on the bucket means that Erin can easily carry the Paint Sticks around to where she wants to use them. The Paint Sticks stack back inside the bucket too so if you end up leaving them outside, they’ll be nice and safe inside the tub (this is something we often do)!

Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket

As a smaller set, this is really great for children to get started with as there is a nice mix of colours inside. Children can create their masterpieces easily and quickly, without having much set up to do or much to clear away afterwards.

Paint A Puzzle

Something new for Little Brian is the Paint A Puzzle. As you can see from the picture below, once put together it nearly took up the entirety of our coffee table. The puzzle consists of 18 large pieces, each with a black and white design printed on. The design is lovely and large and bold so fairly easy for children to put together themselves. You get 6 Classic Paint Sticks with the puzzle.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Giant Puzzle

The puzzle has a sort of shiny surface to it so I was a little concerned about how the Paint Sticks would dry. We had only ever used them on paper before and I wasn’t sure how well they would dry. I needn’t have worried though because the Paint Sticks dried just as well as they did on paper.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Giant Puzzle

The puzzle is such a fun addition to the Little Brian Paint Sticks range and I’m sure it would make a really popular present. With Christmas quickly coming up, I have two nephews that I’m sure would love to do this together.

There are some really lovely products in the Little Brian Paint Sticks range and we have been lucky enough to try some of them. Each Paint Stick twists up and down like a glue stick so you never need to have it open too much while using it. The fact that there is not much mess is obviously a huge bonus too as it means not having to worry about what children touch while they’re having fun!


Painting Without The Mess With Little Brian Paint Sticks

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  1. It seems like your little one had a great time. These sound really good. I’ve not heard of paint sticks before. I think my son would really love them as he enjoys arts and crafts.

  2. Oh wow, these look amazing! My 3 year old loves painting but he’s always mixing the colours and making a right mess..this is a great idea xxx

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