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Potters Resort: A 4 night family break

This year we were supposed to be going on holiday to Disneyland Paris but sadly because of Covid we decided to cancel and get a refund. We wanted to do something special but close to home and Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea sprung to mind. I’d seen reviews on Mudpiefridays blog and it looked great so we decided that we’d give it a try.

Potters Resort is in Hopton-on-Sea, which is only around an hour and 20 minutes away from us by bus. We don’t drive but if we did we could have done the journey in around 45 minutes. We were able to get a bus to Great Yarmouth though and then a short taxi to Potters.

When I booked the holiday I had to choose an arrival time for checking in. This was to make sure that there wasn’t too many people at once (because of Covid) and so that check in could be spread out. The majority of check ins are done while you’re still in the car but because we were in a taxi we were able to do this at reception instead.

Bungalow Plus accommodation

Potters Resort has different kinds of accommodation to choose from and we went for the Bunglow Plus option. There is a lower level of bungalow accommodation as well but there wasn’t any availability for what we needed at the time of booking. There is also a hotel which again, has different levels of accommodation costing different amounts. The hotel rooms are quite a bit more than the bungalows.

As there was 4 of us we had 2 interconnecting bungalows that were situated at the back of the resort near the football pitch. This was perfect for us as it was facing the play area and only a 2 minute walk to the beach.

John and I had a room with twin beds which we didn’t mind at all. It meant we actually got a good sleep every night and we had our own bathroom with bath and shower. In our bedroom we had a fridge, TV, chair and dressing table with stool and there was also a large wardrobe down the corridor.

Potters bungalow plus

The interconnecting door lead through to Mum and Erin’s room where there was 3 twin beds, 2 of which were in a darker area of the room. Again, they had their own bathroom but this one only had a shower and this room also had a TV, chair and dressing table but it didn’t have the fridge but this wasn’t a problem at all.

The set up of the rooms really worked for us and we found them comfortable, spacious and everything we needed for our break. Actually, I really loved the beds and I slept so well for the whole time we were there.

All inclusive meals and drinks

One of the things that drew me to booking at Potters was that it was an all inclusive holiday. Sometimes I don’t want to have to think about food and drink while we’re away and this sounded like a good option for us. Included in the price of our break was breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a snack later in the evening, AND drinks. Drinks was the big thing for us as this can really add up and cost a lot for a 4 night break.

Upon arrival we were advised to go to the Garden restaurant to speak to our server and find out where our table was. Here you have the same server for every meal and you stay at the same table for your whole holiday. I really liked this as it took a bit of stress out of each meal and we could go and get ourselves settled straight away.

Garden restaurant table 16


Breakfast was served from 8am each morning where there was a choice of a few options that your server would bring you as well as a hot buffet, cereals and fruits to help yourself to. Breakfast really worked well for us after we figured out what options we had. Erin was able to get food immediately while John loved getting something from the menu such as salmon and eggs. Izzy, our server, knew that we liked toast so she learned to bring that out straight away for us!

Potters breakfast


Lunch was a pretty casual affair as well, with a similar set up to breakfast although this time there was an additional children’s menu. Each day there would be a buffet with things like salad and meats as well as chips and jacket potatoes as a staple option. The hot menu available from your server consisted of things like ham, egg and chips, curries and burgers but these things changed daily. This was served between 12-2pm.

From 2:15 until 4pm you could also get a selection of burgers and pizzas but we always ate early so didn’t get to experience this.

We found that there was something for all of us at lunch and we could have a big meal or small meal if we wanted. Erin particular liked being able to get bread rolls with things like cheese or a jacket potato. The options at lunch also meant that we could make sure that Erin ate something healthy rather than being stuck with chips as a choice.

Potters curry


Dinner was a 3 course meal served from 6:30pm. This was quite late for us as Erin is used to eating earlier but we tried to make sure she had a decent snack in the afternoon to keep her going. Dinner is a bit more formal and some people dressed up although you don’t have to. I think this was partially due to dinner being right before the evening entertainment.

Each day we had a choice from 3 starters, a couple of choices to help yourself to (1 always being a carvery) and roughly 3 options that your server would bring you as well as a range of desserts. The buffet would always have chips, chicken nuggets, pasta with both cheese and a tomato sauce for the children as well as 1 other option every night.

I’m a pretty fussy eater but I was able to have a carvery most evenings as well as a dessert. I wasn’t particularly fussed about the starters however, I’m also not sure I could have eaten 3 courses every single day either. The carvery option was absolutely delicious and the roast potatoes were particularly good. John mostly went with whatever the fish option was each evening because it’s not something he would have a lot at home. That’s really one of the great things about the food at Potters; you can have a meal as simple as you like, go for a favourite or try something new!

Potters tart
Potters haddock and potatoes

Daily activities

When on holiday Erin loves to do activities if they’re available but again, these can add up. Places like Center Parcs charge a fortune but that’s not the case with Potters. Most activities are on a first come, first served basis and you’re advised not to do the same activity more than once to allow others to have a chance. This doesn’t count for things like swimming though but you do have to turn up and hope you can get in. It probably wasn’t like this before Covid but I guess they have to do things in a safe, less busy way now.

Upon arrival we were given a schedule for our stay of all of the activities. Some you had to book (by creating an account online) but most of the ones aimed at Erin’s age (5) you could mostly just turn up to. Activities for Erin ranged from mini Segways, KMX bikes, an inflatable assault course, wall climbing… just to name a few.

The activities were really fun and perfect for Erin. The sessions were quite long but you don’t do them for the full length of time. Instead, you get like a taster and the length of time you get really depends on how many other people were waiting to have a go. Apart from 1 thing, the bungee trampoline, Erin never waited more than 10 minutes to have a go on an activity.

There are loads of other activities for older children and adults too but we didn’t do any of these.

Potters KMX bikes


The entertainment staff at Potters were pretty amazing. Throughout the day you’ll find live singers, quizzes, shows for children, bingo and then the evening entertainment. If you spotted the staff around during the day they would always make sure to talk to people and especially pay attention to the kids.

The evening entertainment starts at 7:45 with something for the children until about 8:30 and then the main show starts at 9pm in the Atlas Theatre. The children’s entertainment varied from family gameshows to dancing to party games and Erin loved getting involved. It was the first time she’s been able to do something like this properly too but she was first up on the dance floor when she had the chance.

The main evening entertainment was fantastic and the shows were top quality. While we were there we saw ‘The Brits’, ‘Celebration’ and a show featuring some of the best songs from musicals. The singers and dancers were really amazing and each show was really packed full. There was only 1 show that we missed as it had been a long day and we all needed a bit of an earlier night.

Potters Atlas Theatre

How do we rate it?

We very quickly fell in love with Potters. For us it absolutely worked as a family holiday. It was great to not have to think about food or drink all week and Erin loved being able to do whatever activities she wanted without us worrying about money the whole time.

Although we came back absolutely exhausted, we had the best holiday and we have already booked to go back again next year.

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6 thoughts on “Potters Resort: A 4 night family break”

  1. We visited potters a few years ago and found it akin to the hotel in Dirty Dancing. We loved it as there is so much to do for everyone in the whole family

  2. We’ve been going to Potters for around 20 years now, we have made friends for life through Potters and have even moved up from Essex to Hopton on Sea 5 years , my 2 young girls are now lovely ladies who work at Potters one in Booking / Restaurant and the other in the bowls / bars department.
    You simply cannot find anywhere like Potters in the UK or indeed outside of the UK for great value for money , west end quality shows and the customer service it’s outstanding

  3. Had our first wkend break at potters Hopton have only done 4 nighters before , and we were not disappointed. Checked in Friday p.m. so easy, had a hotel room 5* all meals cater for every kind of preference with help yourself or table service and the best buffet area on top of this at every meal time the best we have ever had anywhere . During the daytime again a choice of active or less active things to do . The theatre was the highlight of the day the floor was full for early dancing ,then a singer for a short time , a bit in the middle was the funny side resident comedians gave a different entertaining hour each evening . Showtime was west end style great dancers and singers for near on two hours were fabulous, on our last evening we had a new show the best we have ever had the costumes were more beautiful than ever the energy phenomenal with a live band backing . The garden bar was late evening entertainment always busy On top of all that with all drinks from coffee to a list of nearly every drink you would want We will book our early summer four nighter soon to not miss out , we give potters at Hopton 5* plus , well done again 🙂🙂

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