Pottery painting at Center Parcs

Pottery painting at Center Parcs

There are so many different activities to choose from on a Center Parcs holiday and each time we go, we try to do something different. On our last break at Center Parcs Elveden Forest we tried pottery painting with both adults and children.

Booking pottery painting

Pottery painting is a bookable activity at Center Parcs, which can be done 12 weeks before your break. It is a popular activity so some slots do get booked up quickly but there’s also the possibility of turning up and asking if there’s space free.

At the time of booking, you pay a fee which covers the time in the studio, paint and your items being glazed and fired afterwards. The fee was around £6 per person in 2022 although this is subject to change.

Erin and Nat Pottery painting Center Parcs

Where is pottery painting?

Pottery painting is available at all UK Center Parcs villages. The location will vary per village so refer to the correct map for the correct location.

Prices and item choices

On top of the booking fee per person, you will also need to choose something to paint in the studio and this incurs an additional cost. Prices currently start at around £13 for smaller items.

Pottery painting Center Parcs prices 2

There are lots of different items to choose from and something for everyone. Popular items include plates and plant pots in different sizes, while there are also things like pet bowls, money boxes and garden gnomes… just to name a few. The studio has prices next to everything and examples of how they could be painted. When you’ve chosen, you let someone know at the counter and they’ll bring you out a plain one.

Pottery painting Center Parcs prices 3

Painting your items

A member of staff will explain what you need to do after you have picked your items. On the table you’ll find a wheel of numbered paint pots and a sort of tablet showing you what the colours are like once they’re glazed.

Pottery painting Center Parcs paint wheel

You need to paint in layers, adding a little bit more paint at a time. It’s important to know that the more layers of paint you add, the better the result will be on your finished piece. As well as the 31 paint colours, there was also paint pens available and pencils if you wanted to sketch out a design before painting.

Pottery painting Center Parcs paint colours

You can really get as creative as you like during the painting process and there are loads of accessories to help you. Masking tape is a must if you want to paint straight lines and there’s also paintbrushes (of course) and stencils to choose from.

Pottery painting Center Parcs stencils

Glazing and firing

When your items are finished, you need to add your lodge number underneath so they know which item belongs to you. Then, you leave the items at the pottery studio ready for them to be glazed and fired. You can pick these up the following day so if you’re leaving on a Friday, you can get them before you head home.

Pottery painting Center Parcs

Did we enjoy it?

Pottery painting was one of my favourite activities during our last Center Parcs break. It was nice that it was something I did with just my sister and Erin too. Some of us took it a bit more seriously than others and some of us are more creative than others too. However, Erin had a blast making a plate of her own and really loved that she could put what she wanted on it.

We didn’t choose expensive items but instead chose something quite cheap with plenty of space for creativity. Mine and Erin’s items were around £30 for 2 things and I don’t think that was bad value at all. In fact, I thought the pieces were very reasonably priced.

I’d definitely go back to pottery painting should we visit Center Parcs again.


Pottery painting at Center Parcs

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