Reasons Bristol Has A Fast Moving Property Market

Reasons Bristol Has A Fast Moving Property Market

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A fast-moving property market can be a good thing. While sellers mostly benefit from this arrangement, buyers can reap the rewards if they’re fast enough to. 

Of course, property markets have gone into overdrive across the UK in recent times. However, Bristol is often a focal point for building interest. Indeed, this area appeals to buyers and sellers alike, and everyone dabbling in these property markets can feel energised and hopeful. 

But why does Bristol have such a fast-moving property market? What’s behind the excitement and activity? We ponder these enquiries further down below. 

An All-Rounder Location

Many people assume that Bristol is an affluent area only. While there are luxury properties on offer here, there is also a healthy supply of other homely locations too.

Bristol has one of the fastest moving property markets in the UK because the area has more stock and choice than most others. Last year, there was a 57% upsurge in house sale enquiries. People’s interest isn’t ill-founded, and heads are starting to turn due to availability. 

Of course, homes have been flying off the streets in recent times too. With so many properties being purchased almost as soon as they’re listed, Bristol is a great place to pick up the pieces and find a second wind rather than wait hopelessly for something else to pop up. There’s always a great property to see in Bristol, and prospective buyers can keep chasing that dream.

Efficient Survey Services

Home surveys can help buyers and sellers estimate a property’s true value and investigate any potential problems that it has. The more capable the service, the faster these processes are. 

For those looking for properties in Bristol, a thorough home survey from GB Home Surveys can equip them with all the necessary information to make such a huge financial commitment. Their Bristol team also has extensive experience in the local markets and can provide interested parties with insightful advice they can trust. 

A full range of valuation services and home survey reports are available here. While these processes can often stall property transactions elsewhere, in Bristol and GB Home Surveys’ 10 other locations, they keep things moving forward. 

Selling Second Homes 

People are struggling to afford a home of their own, especially first-time buyers. There are many reasons that this is the case, but people who own second homes are often blamed for these problems arising.  

It makes sense to buy a second home in Bristol. After all, it’s a popular tourist destination with plenty to offer. The main reason for a quick sale in Bristol in 2021 was that people were selling their second homes. Whether they felt pressured, unwelcome, or simply wanted to make way for others and sell up is anyone’s guess. 

Moreover, this trajectory might likely continue. At the start of this year, new rules were announced for second homeowners, stating that they could no longer benefit from tax breaks by only stating their intention to let out their property to holidaymakers and then leaving it empty. As tax loopholes close and the discouragement of owning a second home grows, more owners of these properties may yet look for a quick sale. 

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