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Reviving Edinburgh’s heritage: Modern twists on traditional staircases

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Edinburgh’s older homes are steeped in history, with unique styles and features that reflect the city’s rich past. 

From Georgian townhouses to Victorian terraces, the historical homes of Scotland often boast original architectural elements that are worth preserving. 

One key aspect of maintaining the character of older homes in Edinburgh lies in their staircase designs.

In this blog, we’ll explore how bespoke staircase design clients can add a personal and contemporary flair to their period staircases in Edinburgh, without compromising on the original character and charm of their property.

Staircases Edinburgh: How can modern design enhance traditional features?

The city of Edinburgh features many beautiful, traditional staircase styles. These staircases have always been more than just a means to travel between floors; they’re a focal point of many buildings and an integral part of the city’s character. 

You’ll often see elegant wooden designs, as well as intricately designed structural components such as balustrades and treads. 

However, whilst preserving the heritage of your period property is important, we understand that some Edinburgh homeowners may also want to add a modern twist to their staircases. 

Balancing the heritage of Edinburgh wooden staircases with contemporary style

Original oak or pine stairs are likely to give your Edinburgh property a timeless feel. 

However, subtle changes to original wooden staircases can create a complete transformation. 

It’s important to choose staircase materials that complement each other. Combining the classic look of an original wooden staircase with modern handrail materials, such as glass or brushed steel, can produce extraordinary results.

This is just one of the ways in which you can respect the history of your stairs whilst showcasing a contemporary edge.

The key to this type of staircase renovation is striking the perfect balance; achieving a fresh new look without overshadowing the original architecture of your Edinburgh property. 

Innovations in the designs of bespoke staircases in Edinburgh

Modern design of staircases is about marrying style with function, creating spaces that are as practical as they are beautiful.

In Edinburgh, staircase design often needs to be innovative, not just for aesthetic appeal but also to tackle practical challenges. 

Spatial constraints are one of the most common problems faced by Edinburgh homeowners. However, experienced staircase design experts can help you find creative strategies to overcome a range of problems. 

For example, storage solutions can be incorporated underneath traditional staircases. This gives you the extra room you need, without sacrificing the historical charm of your original stairs.

If you’re thinking about completely replacing your stairs, and you’re not overly concerned with maintaining the original look of your property, you may consider a floating staircase. 

These innovative staircases are gaining popularity, as they offer a sense of openness, transforming any small room or hallway into a light, airy and modern space.

Staircases Edinburgh: Floating staircase

Staircases Edinburgh: Floating Staircase

2024 trends for Edinburgh staircases 

Staircase renovation trends in Edinburgh for 2024 are all about clean lines, uncluttered space, and a light colour palette. 

This year’s trends for staircases also include creative balustrade designs, incorporating a range of materials for a unique look and flow between the floors of your home.

However, it’s essential to remember that trends are fleeting. When choosing a staircase design, aim for something you’ll adore for years to come, and that respects the original look and feel of your older Edinburgh property.

Will modern staircase renovation add value to my Edinburgh property?

Absolutely. A well-designed, high-quality staircase installation will do more for your house than just improve its aesthetics; it’s also one of the best ways to add value.

It’s vital that you choose staircase installation experts in Edinburgh with an excellent reputation and extensive experience in creating stylish, bespoke staircases. 

Check out their customers’ reviews, and make sure that you’re completely happy with the quality of their services and craftsmanship before you proceed with the installation of your dream staircase.

Staircases Edinburgh: Ready to begin your renovation?

If you’re interested in learning more about how bespoke staircases in Edinburgh could transform your home, take a look at some of the recent projects that Abbott Wade have completed throughout Scotland.

Their friendly team has years of experience in helping their Edinburgh clients’ dream staircases become a reality. 

Their staircase installation experts guarantee quality craftmanship, and will install your new stairs quickly and efficiently, causing you minimal disruption and hassle.

Head over to their website, where you’ll find many reviews from their satisfied clients. If you have any questions regarding their bespoke staircase design and installation services, give them a call on 01744 634 442.

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