Similac Follow On Milk Review

As someone who was unable to breastfeed do to complications during Erin’s birth, we relied on a First Milk until she was 6 months old. Now nearly 10 months old we’re using Follow On Milk from the same brand. When Britmums got in touch about trying Similac Follow On Milk I thought it would be worth a try!

To start with, I LOVE the colour of the tin that the follow on milk comes in. I know that shouldn’t really make a difference when choosing a product such as this, but it does. Similac is exclusive to Boots so you won’t see it in a supermarket. If this was on a shelf, I would look at it over any of the other brands that sell similar products.

Making up the Similac Follow On Milk is honestly a little bit annoying. Laid on top of the powder is a measuring scoop. After reading the instructions on the tin I realised that unlike the other brand we use, this one is 1 scoop per 60ml (roughly 2oz) of water. This means you can’t really make up a bottle to an uneven amount e.g. 9oz instead of 8oz. This would eventually mean wasting milk. The other annoyance for me was that there is no way of scraping off the powder evenly in the scoop to make sure your measurements are right.

As Erin has been used to having the same brand now for 10 months I was a bit worried about how she would react to a sudden change. On the day we started using this, Erin was just getting over a being a bit poorly as well so I thought this could have some kind of impact. Luckily, she really didn’t seem to care and gulped down her bottle quite quickly!

When it comes to Erin’s diet I like to think I make it quite varied. If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen my Sunday pictures of Erin’s meal plans. No matter how much planning I know that I probably miss out on giving her some of the key nutrients and vitamins that she needs. I’m especially bad for not giving her fish often enough. Using something such as Similac Follow On Milk makes me worry a little bit less about what Erin is and isn’t getting from her solid foods. Obviously, a follow on milk should not be used as a substitute for food at this age. However, it is great to use while weaning and helps to provide key nutrients to support your baby’s growth and development, with omega 3 & 6, vitamins A, C, and D, calcium and iron.

Although the measuring and the scoop do bother me a bit, I really like Similac Follow On Milk. I would happily carry on using it. Erin seems to really like it and she hasn’t struggled with switching over at all. Availability is a bit of an issue though. I live in a small town and there isn’t a large Boots here. I would have to order it to pick up all of the time or pay for delivery.

I have been sponsored by Similac to try Similac Follow On Milk/Growing Up Milk and write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own.

Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible during infancy. Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby. It is difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to feed your baby.

15 thoughts on “Similac Follow On Milk Review”

  1. I never used follow on milk with my two, but I can see that it would give you that reassurance that they are receiving all the nutrients they need. You were lucky she swapped brands easily for you x

  2. It’s really good to read posts like this and know what other parents recommend. Especially as when I fed Sylvia milk we were in a different country with different products so learning about uk options is fab!

  3. We’re past that stage now, but B had reflux, so I was even more cautious about changing his milk once he moved from breastmilk, so I can totally understand you being a bit worried. Glad Erin seems to have completely taken to it, though! ;o)x


  4. This is the first I have heard of Similac Follow on Milk. She seems to enjoy her new milk. It is a shame we can only get the it in Boots. For me Boots is very far away from where I live.

  5. I really hadn’t thought about the 60ml water for 1 scoop. I wonder if that’s because it’s a growing up milk? (I don’t know, I’m just musing!) I liked it because I used to hate measuring out 7 or 8 scoops as I’d be worried I’d miss-counted!

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