Simple Ways That You Can Make A New House Feel Like Your Home

Simple Ways That You Can Make A New House Feel Like Your Home

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After all the stress and rushing that comes with moving into a new home, sometimes all you want to do is relax. We all know how brutal the UK property market has been in the last year or so, and the chances are good that you will be at the very end of whatever energy, not to mention budget, you have left. However, it is so important to think about how you can add a personal touch to your home when you move in. The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to simply accept things as they are. Get proactive with these tips.

Make Changes Right Away

Try to make sure that you visit the new property before you move in. Take a good long walk around the space and get a feel for how you would like things to change. Are you really happy with using that room for the bedroom? Or would you prefer to sleep on the other side of the house? Be crystal clear on where you want your furniture to go before you bring the movers in. And do you want to hang onto anything that the previous occupants have left behind? Remember that this is your blank slate to work with, so don’t be afraid to take some big swings.

Keepsakes And Mementos Are Crucial

When we unpack, we tend to go for the essentials first. We all make sure that we know which box the kettle is in so we can make a cuppa as soon as we arrive, and we always want to make sure that the glassware and other breakables are squared away as quickly as possible. In actual fact, many of the things that will make us feel truly home are the items that we end up leaving in boxes for far too long. 

Take your family photos, for example. These are the things that speak to us no matter where we are, that remind us of special people and memories, and when they are on display, we know that we are home. Finding the right frames for your pictures and photos is so important. If you want to browse custom picture frames designs, visit Picture Frames Direct. With their picture frame builder, you can create the perfect frame for you!

Get Your Spring Cleaning DoneIt doesn’t matter how neat and tidy the previous owners or tenants have left the place, there is always going to be cleaning to do. You do not want to be unpacking and noticing bits of dirt and grime. Remember that the act of unpacking always creates a lot of dust and dirt. Giving your new place a top to bottom clean is one of the most important things that you can do that will make you feel like this is your place now. What’s more, after a winter with truly miserable weather, flinging open the windows and getting some fresh air in will be very important. Once the big clean is done, everything will feel a lot easier. 

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