Sometimes it Lasts by Abbi Glines

Sometimes it Lasts is the fifth book in the Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines and it is a New Adult novel. 

Cage York never thought he’d want anything more than a baseball scholarship but then he met Eva Brooks and his whole life changed. Now he has the girl and the scholarship he is forced to do something he really doesn’t want to do, endure a long distance relationship. That might not have been so bad if Eva’s father wasn’t dying. 

With Cage away Eva struggles and turns to the boy next door for comfort. Jeremy is her late fiance’s brother and there’s something reassuring about him that helps Eva. Cage and Eva have a lot of obstacles in their way but will they make it to their happy ending?

Now, While it Lasts is the first book in Cage and Eva’s story but I didn’t love it. It was okay for me but wasn’t quite as strong as some of Abbi Glines’ other books such as Because of Low. Anyway, I went into this one months after reading While it Lasts so I’d sort of forgotten what had been going on. 

Cage and Eva had a rocky road to start on but at the beginning of this book they’re very happily together. However, Cage has just got a baseball scholarship out of town and wants Eva to go with him. She finds out early on that her dad is sick and needs her help so she has to stay behind. I complained that there weren’t enough set backs and problems in the first part of their story but I sure got what I was missing with this book. 

The thing I loved the most about this book was the journey that Cage and Eva went on together even though they were apart. Another thing I complained about with the previous book was not enough plot and too much sex but that wasn’t the case at all this time around. Both characters have a lot to overcome and they need to do it alone before they can really sort out their relationship. Seeing each character apart was a good thing too because when they’re together the chemistry sort of overtakes things at times. 

However, although Cage and Eva being apart was a good thing in a way, there were also aspects that I didn’t like. Cage was totally obsessed with Eva and I just couldn’t see him walking away from her considering the situation she was in. His actions just didn’t seem to fit his character at all times so I was a bit baffled at a couple of different points in the story. Eva also does things really out of character so it wasn’t just Cage that was confusing. 

Sometimes it Lasts has a much stronger plot that While it Lasts and the characters were much better in some ways as they were fleshed out more this time around. This one was still just an okay read for me though because I still wanted more. 

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