Summer activities you can enjoy at home that the kids will love

Summer activities you can enjoy at home that the kids will love

As we enter into the warmer months, it is only natural for us to begin to think about how to occupy the kids come the summer holidays. Children can get bored quite easily and while it’s great to go out and visit places, doing something each day or even each week can be quite costly. So I thought I would share with you some great summer activities you can enjoy at home with the kids. 

Write a summer bucket list. 

A great way to begin the summer holidays is to all sit-down and write a summer bucket list. It can include anything that the children would like to do. It can take the whole afternoon, and you can turn it into a bit of a crafty affair. A great way of recording it is to write them down on pieces of paper and add them to a mason jar. Then when you have a spare day, you can pull one out. 


Gardening is a great activity to do with your children in the summer. It’s a great chance to teach them some skills about plants and how to care for them. Planting vegetable patches and fruit trees are an excellent education to explain where food comes from. It could even encourage your child to try some new foods knowing that they have had a hand in growing the produce. 

Build a den outside

If you are stuck on ideas, then an outside den is always going to be a good activity for the kids. What it will also do is create some shade for the children, especially if it is a particularly warm day. You could then encourage a picnic in the newly formed den, which could be a lot of fun. 

Wash the cars

What is it with children finding enjoyment out of tasks we would rather not do? Washing the cars is one of them. They will have a great time getting the water and soap out and giving your car a good clean. It would be a great way to keep them cool as well. 

Have some fun with chalk

Drawing on the patio in chalk is a creative activity that the children will love. It’s also very easy to clean off after so it’s one that the parents don’t mind either. You could have a bit of fun with games like naughts and crosses or encourage your children to draw up the next masterpiece. Make sure you snap a picture of it on your phone before you wash it away. 

Make a minibeast home

Finally, most children love exploring outside. What better way to encourage a bit of learning at the same time than creating a minibeast home. This may be a chance for your children to experience some new crawlies they may not have come across before. 

I hope this has inspired you with some activities for keeping the kids occupied during the holidays


Summer activities you can enjoy at home that the kids will love

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