Surprising Lidl

It’s safe to say that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to food shopping. John and I shop at Sainsbury’s normally and I like it there. I like knowing where everything is. I like knowing exactly which products I want to buy. I also like knowing what things cost roughly. 

John has been telling me for months and months how good Lidl is and I sort of refused to listen to him. Both Sainsbury’s and Lidl are around the corner pretty much from where we live but I can count on one hand how many times I have been in Lidl. I like branded products for the most part and I wasn’t willing to try somewhere new. 

A couple of weeks ago the old Lidl in town had been rebuilt and I was curious. A friend at work had gone on about how amazing it was and she was like me before. Now she’s converted. So, John and I went in on a Saturday evening to pick up some greens for the rabbits as we’d run out and it was on our way home anyway. 

We came out with 2 bags full. Not what I was expecting. 

You can see everything we bought in the picture above. At Sainsbury’s this would have easily cost us £30, if not more. We only spent £14.32 at Lidl. I really couldn’t believe it. The most expensive thing we bought was some peanut butter and that was £1.25. The best thing we got was the Ainsley Harriott soups which worked out at only 17p each. John loves them and takes them to work with him so we stocked up and bought 6 boxes. I was expecting the use by dates to be quite short but they go right up to December 2016… not that they will last that long! 

Now, I won’t be giving up my Sainsbury’s shop completely because there are certain things I won’t change but I do think we’ll now be going to Lidl more especially for fruit and veg as it is a lot cheaper.

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