Top tips for being on the go during the festive period

AD | Collaborative post Let’s face it, although Christmas Day has been and gone there is still so much going on. The kids haven’t gone back to school yet, you might not be back in the office for another couple of days and there still might be friends and family you haven’t got around to seeing. If you’re anything like me you’ll have been doing all sorts to do with Christmas since the beginning of December.

7 Christmas gifts you can never go wrong with

AD | Collaborative post When it comes to Christmas I tend to think that people are generally really easy to buy for or an absolute pain. I’m sure we all have that one person who we really struggle to buy a gift for. If you find yourself in the same position you might want to consider these 7 Christmas gifts you can never go wrong with.

Festive children’s books for under 7s

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links Books are pretty special all year round but at Christmas there are always lots of new releases and children’s books are no different. If you have a little bookworm at home then you might want to take a look at these super Christmas books for children under 7.

9 craft ideas for children perfect for Christmas

Crafting is a great thing to do with the kids. You can either do it with them or set a craft up and enjoy the peace you get while they are concentrating on making something festive. However, not all of us are Pinterest mums, and sometimes it is hard to find a bit of inspiration for Christmas crafts. So here are a couple that you could try this Christmas.  Making your own Christmas cards Christmas cards are always popular, and so why not get your children to make some? You could ask them to make

Are you ready for the Christmas season? Here’s what you might forget

Winter is upon us, and that can only mean one thing, Christmas is well and truly nearly here. With a few precious weeks of planning left, are you ready for the big day? Some people are super organized when it comes to the festive period. They have already bought all the gifts, they have prepared their social schedule for the Christmas period and they are ready and waiting to enjoy it. Whereas others can leave things to the last minute. Heading to the shops on Christmas Eve in the hopes of buying everything they need.

6 Elf on the shelf ideas for when you have completely forgotten

The elf on the shelf will be making a big return on the first of December. Let’s face it, some parents absolutely love it, while others just tolerate the tradition. But there is no denying that it can really add the magic to the Christmas period for your children. A tradition that is no doubt going to be a memorable one in years to come. However, there is a lot of pressure on parents to get it right. Not just setting up the elf in fun and naughty ways, but the pressure to actually remember

9 quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort

The elf on the shelf will soon be returning to households across the world as children, and parents, prepare and look forward to the big day ahead. Christmas is such a magical time for families, especially children, and the elf on the shelf can be a lovely tradition to introduce. But whether you have done it year after year, or this is your first time embracing it, there will be times where you need something quick and easy for your elf. So with that in mind, here are some of the quick and easy elf

The Year That Christmas Was Different

Covid, lockdowns and tier changes… all things I don’t think any of us thought would happen this year. A few days before Christmas the rules changed yet again and this meant a lot of people having to rethink and replan their Christmases, us included. Although this Christmas wasn’t the same as normal, or even what we expected, we made the most of what we could do. s We started Christmas Eve with a Christmas Eve box. This is something we’ve done for Erin for years now but this is the first year she’s really been