Signs That You Might Need a Trip to the Orthodontist

AD | Collaborative post Orthodontists are tremendously helpful and can be key in helping you with several scenarios regarding your health. If you think that you might need the help of these professionals, you should reach out to one to find out more about the services that they offer. You Think Your Teeth Have Moved We tend to think of them as being quite solid within our mouths, but our teeth are actually able to move around more than we think. Even if you have undergone orthodontic treatment when you were younger, you could find

The importance of hand sanitiser

AD | Collaborative post I can’t stress enough the importance of hand sanitiser, even more during the strange times we’re living in. Hand sanitiser and hand hygiene, in general, are essential to reduce the chances of getting ill and spreading bacteria, germs and viruses to others. As the World Health Organisation mentions, “hands are the main pathways of germ transmission.” So, washing our hands is essential. To talk about hand sanitiser, I’ve partnered up with Ocean Free, UK hand sanitiser manufacturer and leading hand sanitiser suppliers. They have the expertise and experience to share everything

What To Do When Your Child Gets Their First Wobby Teeth

Just a couple of days before her 5th birthday, Erin told John that her teeth felt wobbly. He didn’t really believe her at the time, thinking 5 was a bit too young for baby teeth to be falling out. Then, when she told me I just had to check and there they were, two wobbly teeth on the bottom row. Immediately, I thought back to her very first birthday, which was the day that both of these teeth came through. Erin was a little bit worried to begin with, I think not really understanding what

A Safe And Gentle Hand Sanitiser From Steril-eeze

AD | Paid collaboration Since March we have had it drilled into us that we must take a lot more care on a daily basis; wear masks outdoors, wash our hands more and also use hand sanitiser. I don’t know about you but I have found that a lot of hand sanitisers are either sticky, smell awful or can sting if you have the tiniest of cuts on your hands. I recently discovered Steril-eeze though and it’s a real game changer! Steril-eeze is a hand sanitiser with a difference as it is alcohol-free. Instead, Steril-eeze

What To Expect From A Home COVID Test For A 4 Year Old

A few weeks ago we got the call that we had been dreading. Erin’s school phoned to say that her cough wasn’t going away so based on Government guidance, Erin was no longer able to stay at school and we had to go and pick her up as soon as possible. I’ll be completely honest, at this point I had a bit of a breakdown. It wasn’t that I was worried that Erin had COVID 19 because I wasn’t. Erin gets coughs quite often and they sometimes last quite a while so I knew what

Fat And Definitely Not Fit

I think I’ve been overweight for most of my life, at least from being a teenager. During secondary school I always remember being a size 14-16 and in the years since that has slowly gone to an 18, then 20 and now 22/24. That last bit of weight and change in dress size seems to have happened over the last 6 months (some of lockdown) and I can definitely feel it. Although overweight I don’t think I have ever struggled too much with every day things. I don’t know whether it is the latest weight

The Case Of The Missing Cervix… An Update

A few weeks ago you might have seen a post about my most recent smear test. If you didn’t here’s a quick update… The smear test didn’t really go to plan and long story short, it took two nurses to try to do it but neither could find my cervix. Yes, I was just as shocked about that as they were. I was there for a good 20 minutes or so and there was a lot of searching going on but really, my cervix was nowhere to be found. Instead of carrying on, it was

Playing Find The Cervix – When A Smear Test Doesn’t Go To Plan

I’m sure we all know how important it is to book and go for our smear tests. I will admit though that I put mine off for quite some time and I wish I hadn’t. In the past I have had abnormal results which has resulted in a colposcopy and treatment. It’s not really something I want to have done again so since then I have booked in for my smear on the day the letter arrives. This time, things were quite different though. I turned up for my appointment as usual, although wearing a