5 ways you can eat healthier

Summer is officially on its way so it’s natural for us to think about getting healthier and more active. It’s got something to do with the lighter evenings and the sun shining. However, after a winter of eating a good helping of carbohydrates and a dose of junk food it can be hard to get into a new healthy eating regime. So I thought I would share with you five ways to eat healthier this summer. 

Skincare Tips For Busy Mums

Collaborative post Being a parent is certainly a full-time role; anyone will tell you that. From the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep, you are consistently thinking of what you can do both for and with your children. As a result, many parents find their own needs get put on the back burner. Even without realising, many parents neglect their own needs to ensure their children’s needs are met to the fullest extent.  While this could be considered a normal part of being a parent, it is a habit that you

How to look after yourself after an injury

AD | Collaborative post Throughout our lives we will experience so many different kinds of injuries. This could be anything from a small cut to a broken arm and how we look after ourselves can have a massive impact on how well, and how quickly we heal. Self-care is so important if you’re recovering from an injury so today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you to look after yourself!

Why Is A Sedentary Lifestyle Bad?

AD | Collaborative post One of the leading health concerns that lead to some other preventable health problems is living a sedentary lifestyle. An average human needs at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise per day to stay active, and not considered sedentary. In this modern age, where people get things done with little or no physical activity involvement, a new developmental age is gradually evolving, and leaning towards the actualisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) performing human tasks with not much interference. Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) can have serious implications for people’s health, said the

Top tips for being on the go during the festive period

AD | Collaborative post Let’s face it, although Christmas Day has been and gone there is still so much going on. The kids haven’t gone back to school yet, you might not be back in the office for another couple of days and there still might be friends and family you haven’t got around to seeing. If you’re anything like me you’ll have been doing all sorts to do with Christmas since the beginning of December.

A failed smear test and the hunt for a missing cervix: an update

A little over a year ago I received a letter inviting me to go for a routine smear test. ‘Inviting’ makes it seem like I was going somewhere to do something fun and exciting; that’s a bit misleading really. Unfortunately, the smear test didn’t go to plan and here’s what happened.

Living with PCOS and coping with the symptoms

AD | Collaborative post It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I even heard about PCOS. If you’d have asked me what it was back then I wouldn’t have even been able to tell you what the letters stood for. If, like me, you don’t know then it stands for polycystic ovary syndrome and it’s a condition that affects how the ovaries work but it does come with quite a few different symptoms.