How Often Should You Water Succulents?

AD | Collaborative post Succulents are drought-resistant and resilient, but what do these terms really mean? They can be quite confusing for new growers. Does it mean they can tolerate a bit of neglect? Is it okay if you don’t worry about succulent care so much since anything goes? The truth is that succulents do require care, the same as any other plant. That said, the best way to learn more about it is to check out the various guides dedicated to your specific succulent type. For instance, there’s a caring guide of Campfire Crassula,

Forget Hygge: This Season it is All About Lagom!

If you were anywhere on social media or online this time last year, then you will have heard the buzzword of ‘hygge’ being banded around. The Danish concept of hibernation and all things cosy, which is just perfect at this time of year. But it would appear that now, the Swede’s might know better, with their lifestyle concept of ‘lagom.’ Literally translating to ‘just right,’ it gives a nod to the fact that we want things just right in our lives and at home; not too much and not too little. In our homes, this