Amsterdam: Is it the perfect weekend getaway destination?

Amsterdam is known as the floating city and is the capital of The Netherlands’. With only a short flight or other transport options, it’s becoming more popular for a weekend escape. But is it the perfect place to visit? We look at the city in a little more detail to find out the answer.

Things to love about New York City

AD | Collaborative post New York City, or better known as The Big Apple, is one of the world’s most iconic cities. It has a vibe that some other places just can’t get anywhere close to. Having visited ourselves, we soon realised that there was so much more to New York City than we first thought. So, here are a few things to love about New York. 

Everything there is to know about Crete

Crete is one of the Greek Islands that I don’t think gets enough love these days when it comes to famed holiday destinations. There is the vibe of the party island of Zante that sees twenty-somethings enjoy the sun, sea, and lots of drinking in the sun. Then there is the beautiful Mykonos, home of the Mamma Mia film and has sheer beauty and wonder, and let’s not forget everyone’s bucket-list destination of Santorini. Winding cobbled streets and picturesque white buildings with a backdrop of blue. Sheer perfection.

A solo trip to Brno, Czech Republic for Traverse 22

Back when I was 18 or 19 I guess I thought I was pretty invincible. I had no fear whatsoever and the thought of going abroad on my own wasn’t a big deal at all. In fact, I moved to Toronto, Canada for a while when I was 20. However, now at 35, it seems much scarier. Last week though I did something really exciting.

Destinations to consider for your 2022 holiday

Our vacations can be so important to us. Whether that is going away as a family, a couple or an individual. Travelling is good for the soul. However, choosing where you next take a vacation can be a tricky decision to make. You may have a big long checklist of criteria, or you might just want something unusual or different. But get the decision wrong and you end up regretting it. So I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you some vacation destinations to consider this year. You never know, it

Things to consider when planning a family holiday to Toronto

AD | Collaborative post In 2006 I visited Toronto for the very first time. I was 20, hated my job and had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time. I had friends in Toronto thanks to an online game I’d been playing for years and so, one day on my lunch break I went to the travel agents and booked some flights. I went back to work and handed them my notice too. Crazy, I know, and I don’t really recommend doing such impulsive things now. I fell in love with Toronto immediately,