Tesco Finest Fresh Cream Profiteroles With Swiss Chocolate

As part of the Orchard at Tesco program I got to try something from the Tesco Finest Party food range over Christmas for free. I got sent a voucher that I could either use in store or online. Ordering online didn’t work as the product I wanted was out of stock when the delivery arrived and then I found that no nearby Tesco stores had any of the desserts in stock either which wasn’t very good. I did finally manage to find the Tesco Finest Fresh Cream Profiteroles With Swiss Chocolate though.
I took these to my aunt’s house on Christmas Day for us all to share although there was only 8 profiteroles in the box so they didn’t go very far! The profiteroles were really soft to bite in to and the fudge chocolate on the top was delicious. The box also has a chocolate cream underneath ready for dipping the profiteroles in and I thought everything went really well together. For £3 I think this was a good dessert although if entertaining a few people one box won’t be enough!
*I tried this product for free through the Orchard at Tesco.

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