The Best Smart Devices for Busy Family Homes

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It’s no secret that having children makes for a busy household. Whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home mum, it’s hard to keep up with the endless list of chores. As well as this, there are countless worries and responsibilities to stay on top of.

However, with the advancement of technology, you can make your life easier by fitting smart devices into your home. Whether you want to spend less time cleaning, keep your house more secure, lower your bills, or just improve your day-to-day comfort, there is a smart gadget that can help. 


Maintaining a clean house is extremely time-consuming and tiring, but the good news is that you can shorten your to-do list with helpful smart devices. 

Hoovering and mopping 

With children and pets, cleaning the floor is a never-ending job, but instead of conducting this task manually, get robot vacuums and mops to do it automatically.  

Intelligent toilets

Smart toilets’ self-cleaning function saves you from scrubbing the lavatory by hand. The built-in deodoriser will also keep your bathroom smelling fresh. This gadget has many other benefits, including automatic flushing, heated toilet seats, and slow-closing lids. 

The UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand, Washloo, offer all-in-one units or attachable smart toilet seats to fit onto your existing fixture. 

Self-cleaning oven 

A previous survey revealed that cleaning the oven was the most hated household chore among Brits. Putting this errand off, leaving you with an oven covered in grease, could lead to a kitchen fire. 

However, many smart ovens are self-cleaning, so you don’t have to undergo the inconvenience of keeping the appliance sanitary. 

Interactive fridge 

If you often forget to take your shopping list to the supermarket, you can remotely view what’s in the fridge through an internal camera with smart technology. Smart fridges can also remind you when an item is due to expire to reduce food wastage. 

Garden watering

As well as keeping the interiors of your home tidy, there’s the external to consider too. To keep your garden flourishing, you’ll need to water any flowers, plants, and lawn. If you often forget or struggle to find time to complete this errand, install a smart water controller that will automatically hydrate your garden when necessary. 


Smart devices can lower your utility bills by highlighting how to reduce your energy usage. 

Smart heating controls

Fitting smart heating controls such as a thermostat, meter, and radiator valves can lower your annual energy bills by £75. These devices identify where you’re wasting energy to help you adopt more efficient habits.  

Energy-saving lighting 

Replacing your regular light bulbs with LED alternatives can reduce your yearly energy bills by £40. You can make further savings with smart lights that follow a schedule or automatically turn off when you leave a room. Using an app, you can turn intelligent lights off remotely too.  

Automatic plugs 

Turning your devices off standby can cut another £35 off your energy bills. Installing smart plugs that turn off automatically at a set time, saves you the trouble of going around your house each night to switch everything off.


Security cameras

Whether you want to check on your pets or simply make sure your house is how you left it, you can view smart security camera footage on your phone. For additional peace of mind, these devices can alert you when motion and sound detectors are triggered. 

Video doorbell

A video doorbell enables you to check who is at the door before you answer it and notify you when somebody is approaching your home. This gadget can also allow you to have a two-way conversation with the visitor from anywhere through your phone.  

Smart locks 

You can control smart locks through an app on your phone and double-check your front door is locked when you’re not home. These gadgets can inform you when the doors are locked and unlocked too. 

Quality of life

Smart devices can bring luxury to your home, improve your wellbeing, and act as a virtual assistant. 

Sleep technology  

Having a bad sleep makes the following day so much harder to get through. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, sleep through the night, or wake up too early, various smart devices can help you get more rest. 

First, determine the problem by placing a sleep analyser mat under your mattress. Then, use a sound and sleep machine that automatically adjusts the volume level by detecting background noise to help you fall asleep. Finally, wake up peacefully with a smart light alarm.

Coffee maker 

If you never have time to have a cup of coffee before rushing out the door in the morning, get it made automatically for you with a smart coffee machine. 

Item locator 

Instead of running late every day looking for your keys and purse, use a Bluetooth item tracker to find them quickly. 

Convenient entertainment

All busy parents deserve and need relaxation, so it’s important to make the most of any downtime you get. With a smart speaker such as an Alexa, you can enjoy your favourite playlist or podcast within seconds using voice command.  

If you purchase a smart TV, you get easy access to a huge collection of channels and streaming platforms and manage it through your phone.  

Investing in smart devices can give you more spare time, boost your mood, and even save you money in the long-run.  

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