The Countdown To Starting School

The Countdown To Starting School

In 10 short days applications open for children starting school in 2020 and that means that we have to apply for Erin. It feels like only yesterday that Erin was a (very) tiny baby and being so small that I thought I would break her. I can’t quite believe that this is her last year at nursery and next August we’ll be getting her school uniform ready for her very first day of school.

As a lot of children have just started school this month I have seen a lot of posts, both on blogs and social media, about the things that children need to do before they go to school. In my head, I think I thought that I would have this big list of things to teach Erin over the summer before her first day. Luckily, Erin can do things now like get herself dressed, put her shoes on and do everything after the toilet that she needs to. Erin can already write her own name and knows things like her surname and her address!

Erin's first day at the Montessori nursery

Erin goes to a lovely Montessori nursery and they work really hard to teach Erin what she needs to know. I am really very thankful that Erin will have been going to nursery for two years before her first day of school. At the minute, she goes for four days from 9-3:30 so she is already mostly used to the hours that she will have to do. Nursery has taught Erin how to be around other children, listen to and follow instructions from teachers and also how to sit and pay attention to something for a certain amount of time.

The one thing I am worried about when it comes to school is lunchtime! At the moment, Erin has a packed lunch every day and I mostly put in things that I know she likes and that I know she will eat. Erin will be able to have hot school lunches from Reception and I really want her to do this. The thing is, she is a fussy eater and is so stubborn sometimes about trying new things. I don’t want her to go hungry but I also want to give her chance to eat nice food with her new friends and find some new things that she likes. As she used to have hot lunches at her old nursery I’m hoping this encourages her to try things like she used to.

Erin eating soup

Some of the children that Erin loved playing with at nursery have now moved up to school so we’ve already been able to talk about this with Erin. We have been to the school she (hopefully) will be going to for their summer fayre so she’s been able to see how awesome their playground is and get an idea about what there is there. The school is only a few minutes walk away from our house, maybe two streets away, so we’re nearly as close as we can get to it. I think it’s great to be able to pass the school daily and talk to Erin about it every now and then.

I know the next year is going to fly by so I’m going to make the most of our Mondays together before Erin will be at school five days a week!


The Countdown To Starting School

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  1. My Eldest was fussy with food but now she eats better at school than at home!! Does mean she lives on fish finger wraps and peas for her snack tea when home! Hope Erin loves it when she goes x

  2. Our son is a very fussy eater and although I really wanted him to have school lunches, the thought of it was making him really anxious so we stuck with packed lunches. He still has a packed lunch now but his eating is slowly improving at home so it does get better eventually! I’m sure she’ll have a great time when she goes.

  3. My son just started school. One thing I worried about is her lunchtime. Glad that each day she learned to eat by herself and I enjoyed preparing her meals each day.

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