The Top 4 Garden Trends Of 2019

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Now summer is here, it is time to cut away the weeds and inject some lift into your garden. Whether you plan on hosting guests or just simply want to relax in your garden, you should take a look at these top trends that will make your garden the envy of all your neighbours.

Curb appeal gardening

When we think of the garden, we usually associate it with the space at the back of the house, however, you must not forget the front garden, as this will be where first impressions are made. This has become a popular spot for landscapers, with 45% having focused more on the front of the house by planting trees outside their home. They have also used plants and hanging baskets to dress front doors, making the exterior seem more homely and inviting.

If you don’t have the funds to spend on a professional gardeners service, you could easily enhance your front garden yourself. All you need to do is dig out your lawn mover and put up some hanging baskets, which you can easily make yourself with a bit of rope and a hook. This will massively improve the aesthetic of your property and will make your home the perfect summer spot.

Hideaway spots

Do you ever just want to escape and enjoy some alone time? With the current hideaway trend, you can do just that. Many properties now feature quaint sheds at the end of the garden, where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. More high-end homes even have adult-appropriate tree houses, which offer the perfect place to relax and unwind. You might need to clear some space to make this happen though and you can find great services at

Property experts like RW Invest recognise the appeal of hideaways, which is why their properties feature rooftop gardens. This offer tenants the perfect space to escape, whether it is just for some thinking time or to get their daily exercise. These luxury apartments are located in Liverpool and Manchester, where you can enjoy some of the best skylines the north-west has to offer.

Eco-friendly planting

With the fear of climate change instilled in our minds, it is no wonder that more people are becoming more eco-conscious. To join this eco bandwagon, you should consider swapping out your plastic pots for biodegradable alternatives like wood chips or even seaweed. When changing your pots, make sure you don’t throw out the plastic as you can always re-use this elsewhere in your garden, such as in a hanging planter.

When designing your garden, you should try to make it as weather-proof as possible, especially because climate change has caused more adverse weather conditions than our gardens are used to. Gardening experts advise that you should plant certain species according to the conditions, as otherwise they will either dry out or can even be overfed with water causing them to die. To prevent droughts, you could consider investing in an automated irrigation system which allows you to schedule watering when you’re away from home or holiday. This will help you look after your plants effectively while also reducing your water usage on a daily basis.  


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