Meal Plan Monday: The week with no plan

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week I’m back and talking about trying something different.

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As soon as we started weaning with Erin I planned her meals. I wanted to make sure she tried new and different things every couple of days. We have now been following  meal plan for Erin for 10 months. Last week we tried something completely different.

There was no meal plan at all.

I’ve spoken previously about Erin’s routine completely changing. Her nap times are all over the place but generally somewhere between 11 and 2. Sometimes she eats lunch and sometimes she doesn’t. I also can’t depend on her waking up around the same time every day at the moment or whether she’ll want another nap again later in the day. It’s all very confusing.

This past week has been quite strange for me. I’m so used to following the calendar to see what snack she should have or what to make Erin for dinner. Last week I winged it completely. I sort of liked it and I sort of didn’t.

I hated having to try to remember what Erin had for breakfast earlier in the week. I don’t like her to have the same thing too often. I hated having to think about whether I’d given her things with enough calcium in them.

On the other hand, it was really quite nice to not have to follow a plan. If Erin wanted to share my lunch she could without it messing up other meals that week. If we wanted to go out to eat we could do without me having to take her food with us.

The planner in me was going a little bit crazy to be honest but I was shocked at how nice it was to just go with the flow; something I’m sure my husband will be happy to hear me admit.

Although I may change how I plan for Erin, our meal plans are not stopping altogether. John and I are on a mission to clear our freezers and save money on our food shopping so we’ll be planning for ourselves in a couple of weeks and also including Erin to eat what we eat!





15 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: The week with no plan”

  1. Oooh interesting; I’m the opposite, we’re so unplanned and I’m toying with the idea of being a bit more so. I find we waste a lot of food and I’m far less inventive on the fly!! Glad to hear it’s worked well for you this week though x

  2. I’ve never done a separate meal plan for Alfie as he just eats what we eat, but I have to follow a meal plan otherwise I don’t know what to buy and end up spending a fortune on wasted food! Although we only meal plan our evening meals, not breakfast or lunch (it’s much easier now Alfie has all his meals at nursery though as I don’t need to remember to give him more variety as I tend to eat the same old things for lunch every day!) But some days it is nice to go “off plan” and have something different, but that usually means something unhealthy like a takeaway!

  3. I wouldn’t be able to handle not having a meal plan now I’ve been using one for awhile. It is nice to be able to decide to have a takeaway or meal out though so there’s definitely positives x

  4. I can see both sides, as I’ve said before – it is so much easier and less stress for me if I know what we’re eating, but I also think that at certain times in kids lives, you need to be flexible because they are changing so much! Good luck getting rid of the stuff in your freezer – we did that the other week! Amazing what you find!

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