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Things I Thought About Before Having A Baby

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When you’re pregnant there are a million things that go through your head. You have a good 7-8 months after finding out you’re pregnant to think about all of the things you’re going to need or might want for your child. I wanted to share a few of the things I thought about while I was waiting until the day Erin was born.

Hospitals and births

Being my first (and only) child I hadn’t had the experience of childbirth yet. At the very beginning of my pregnancy I had so many thoughts and questions about being in hospital and the actual birth. How long would labour last? Would I want an epidural? Would I have to do things like take out my best sterling silver earrings once things got going? I know some of that might sound a bit crazy and maybe even silly but if you haven’t been through it before, you just don’t know.

One of my biggest thoughts was about what I should take with me to hospital and how much I would need. At the time, I was only expecting to be in for a day or two so when the time came I was seriously underprepared. I ended up with a 2 week hospital stay so this is something to bear in mind when packing your hospital bag.


As parents I would assume that we all want the best for our children. When we bought our home we did so knowing that we would have a choice of multiple nurseries, there was an infant/ primary school only 5 minutes away and also a high school within walking distance. We’re a non-driving family so this is something we had to consider quite carefully.

However, boarding schools are also an option from a certain age and a lot have very good reputations. There are plenty of different options to consider and depending on your lifestyle or your profession, you might find this suits you better than a traditional school. You could look into this more at


Cost, of course, is one of the biggest things you’re likely to think about when you plan to have a family. The average cost of raising just one child is insanely high and depending on your circumstances, this is something you might struggle with. At the time, we weren’t in the best position financially and while I was pregnant we did what we could to ensure we were ready for Erin’s arrival. This meant looking on Facebook marketplace, finding things we needed while they were on sale or asking friends and family for help.


For the longest time I thought Erin was going to be a boy. I don’t know why. I guess I just had some kind of strange feeling about it. Even though at my 20 week scan I was told that she was a girl I still didn’t really believe it. Because of this, I tended to buy a lot of neutral coloured clothes or boy’s clothes just so I knew that they could be worn no matter what. Tee Rex Tee sell some adorable t-shirts for children, as well as adults!

Are you a parent? What did you think about the most before your child or children were born?

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