TOAD Diaries Notebook and Diary Review & Giveaway

For as long as I can remember I have lovely stationery. When I was at school I couldn’t wait to get a new pencil case or a new notebook. I’m no different now at 31. Just recently we were lucky enough to pick out a notebook and a 2018 diary from Toad Diaries.

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The thing was a diary is that I need it to do everything. I need to be able to plan everything for my whole family, not just me. Toad Diaries offer date flexible diaries meaning that you can pick what month it starts from. You can even pick which day of the week to start on as well. I love this because academic diaries are not always right and neither are January to December. Some people run through tax years instead so it’s really nice to have this option.

Customising your diary is lovely and easy. There are size and binding options as well as so many covers to choose from. You are also able to add some wording to both the front and back covers. It took me so long to finally choose what I wanted. I am so pleased with the outcome though.

Even better than the customisable covers is the inside of the diary!

This particular layout gives me space to plan everything for my family and also leaves me with additional spaces. I have loads of space to write in anything me, John or Erin has going on. I can then use the right hand page for any additional plans, things I need to pay for or to write down if any family members are staying!

Next I got to choose a notebook. As a blogger, I can never have enough notebooks. I tend to carry one around with me quite often and I do love to make a list!

Notebooks are customisable in the same way as the diaries are. However, I chose not to add any words to the front cover of the notebook as I chose one with a much more colourful design than did for the diary.

With the notebook, you are able to choose how many pages it has as well as what kind of layout inside. You are able to choose from lined paper, grids, dots and even just plain paper. If you choose paper with lines for example, you can also choose the size of the lines which I think is great!

I haven’t included any prices in this review as they vary depending on some options. For instance, notebooks are more expensive if you choose to have extra pages.

I’m really impressed with Toad Diaries. The quality of both the notebook and diary are fantastic and they’re lovely to write in. The designs are fun and I love how many different options there are.

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Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.


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