Top tips for being on the go during the festive period

Top tips for being on the go during the festive period

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Let’s face it, although Christmas Day has been and gone there is still so much going on. The kids haven’t gone back to school yet, you might not be back in the office for another couple of days and there still might be friends and family you haven’t got around to seeing. If you’re anything like me you’ll have been doing all sorts to do with Christmas since the beginning of December.

If any of these things sound like you then you might want to read through these top tips for being on the go for the festive period.

Take a break

It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves during this time of year and there is usually so much to do. We can easily find ourselves running around like crazy, burning the midnight oil and trying to fit too much in. If you get to a point where you might have done too much, are feeling worn out or run down then try to take a break. It might only be for an hour or an afternoon but you’ll find some renewed energy afterwards.

Pain management

As I’m getting older I find that if I do too much, or don’t rest when I’m really busy I get all kinds of aches and pains now. The last thing you want is for pain to stop you from getting everything done or affecting the time you do have to relax. Paingone, a natural, drug-free relief from pain could be what you’re looking for to help. By delivering a controlled electrical frequency straight to the point of pain, even through clothes, you could be back on the go in no time at all. Paingone is portable and looks a bit like a thick pen so can be easy popped into a handbag to carry around with you.

Plan in advance

One of the easiest ways to get a hold on everything that needs doing over the festive period is to have a plan. We all know that Christmas comes around at the same time each year so it’s important to not pretend that it sneaks up on us. Try coming up with a list in advance and get an idea of everything you might need to do and when it will need to be done by. Setting deadlines and having lists can be a great help in keeping stress levels low and productivity high.

Learn to delegate

Something a lot of people struggle with is trying to do everything themselves. We can sometimes feel like we have to take control of every situation to ensure it gets done in a particular way. However, this can end up with you being completely overwhelmed and with way too much to do. Try to delegate some of the tasks to family members if possible and you’ll be able to lighten your load a little bit.

Say no

I’m sure a lot of us want everything to be perfect for both Christmas and New Year. We tend to try and fit in as much as possible and see people as often as we can. This can lead to our social calendars being packed full and leaving us little to no time to do anything else. It’s important to learn how to say no during the festive period, and explain to people that maybe you just don’t have time. Friends and family will understand, especially if you try to arrange something for a later date.

Look after yourself

Lastly, but maybe the most important thing you can do is to look after yourself. There’s a lot of temptation around and it can be easy to give in to it. Supermarkets put out the Christmas treats quite early nowadays and it’s very easy to add some extras into your trolley whenever you go shopping. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated and eating healthy to keep your energy levels up.

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  1. It is easy to pile up work when one knows a long holiday us coming. Also to increase the workload of chores and duties. It’s necessary to rest good and strategies properly to have a better time. A good nudge it was. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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