VTech Little Love Baby Talk Review

For quite some time Erin was the least girly girl. I made a choice to not dress her in pink very often and she doesn’t really wear dresses much either. Erin is also a bit of a bulldozer of a toddler too and not at all delicate. However, just before Christmas Erin started to show an interest in dolls. When VTech offered to send Erin the Little Love Baby Talk of course we said yes! I couldn’t wait to see her reaction to it.

The Little Love Baby Talk doll is aimed at children from age 2 and has a RRP of £29.99. You can purchase the doll on Amazon.

The VTech Little Love Baby Talk comes with the doll as well as accessories which are 3 books, a dummy and a bottle.

Vtech Little Love Baby Talk

This doll is different from a regular doll as it’s interactive and can learn the more your child plays with it. I loved the idea behind it to begin with as I thought it would encourage Erin to do more role play and also to help her learn to care for others.

Before you start playing with the doll you need to make sure she is set to ‘Newborn’ mode. You can do this by going into the back of the doll and pressing the red button. You can also do this if you want to set the doll back for any other reason. There is also a volume switch here as well.

The VTech Little Love Baby Talk is a doll that learns more the more the child plays with it. It comes with quite a few different functions which are activated on the front of the doll on her bib and her clothes.

Talk With Me – When you talk to the baby she will imitate what you said and attempt to talk back. The red bow on her head will light up when she is ready to learn.

Reading – Press the reading button to choose from the 3 book included. You can either read to the baby, have her read to you or teach her to read.

Caring – By pressing the caring button you will help the baby when she needs specific things like her dummy or a bottle.

Music – The music button will let the baby listen to, and sing along to, nursery rhymes.

It’s really quite hard to show you how lovely the VTech Little Love Baby Talk is with just pictures so here’s a little video to show you what she can do.

Erin was immediately excited by the doll and she recognised what she needed to do with the dummy and the bottle. She’s slowly learning which buttons do different things and when she needs to give the doll different things. The dummy and the bottle can be a little tough for her to push in properly so I do have to help her quite a bit but she doesn’t mind and she will soon be able to do it herself.

VTech Little Love Baby Talk

VTech Little Love Baby Talk

VTech Little Love Baby Talk

VTech Little Love Baby Talk

Erin has been so attached to her doll since we first gave it to her. She asks for the baby and spends a long time cuddling her and making sure she has a bottle and her dummy. Erin loves it when she says ‘Mama’ and can sit and chat away to her for quite some time.

Erin has only just turned 2 back in January so she’s still at the younger end of who this toy is suitable for. That being said, Erin has had a lot of play time with the VTech Little Love Baby Talk already and there is so much more for her to learn as well.

The RRP is a really reasonable price for this toy and in my opinion, well worth the money. Erin has played with it a lot so far and she can continue to do so for at least a couple of years.

Disclaimer: We received the VTech Little Love Baby Talk for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links. 

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