Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

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With winter just around the corner, we are quickly heading into ‘cold’ season. I am probably one of the most pathetic people when I get ill and I just don’t deal with it very well. Man flu isn’t a thing in our house really. John, bless him, gets ill and just gets on with things or sleeps for a day when he can and carries on. Me, on the other hand, whinges, whines and is generally a pain in the arse. Now that I have Erin to look after all day, I need to stay as healthy as possible and there are some really easy ways to stay healthy this winter.

Healthy Eating

When the weather gets bad, sometimes all I want to do is cosy up on the couch with some really bad food like a chippy or a massive bar of chocolate. However, this kind of thing never really makes you feel better and you’re more likely to stay healthy if you eat well and look after yourself.

Cook big batches of soup for the freezer – a great way to get those veggies in and warming too!
Stacey In The Sticks

Use your slow cooker. It’s a great way of getting lots of veg into the kids and yourself to keep you all healthy-and it doesn’t mean you have to stand over the cooker cooking different pans of veg! – Mayflower Blogs

Stock Up At The Pharmacy

Not everyone likes to rely on things like paracetamol, cold and flu tablets or ibuprofen when they’re ill but sometimes, you need a little bit of help. We’re lucky to have a good pharmacy where we can get everything we may need and stock on all of the essentials to make sure we have winter with as few illnesses as possible.

You don’t just have to stock up on the things mentioned above though. Vitamins and supplements are another way to help stay as healthy as possible.

Taking supplements is one way I try and keep myself well in the Winter – Katykicker

Stay Rested

I tend to feel pretty rubbish when I haven’t had enough sleep, no matter what time of year it is. Going to bed even half an hour earlier than normal every night could make a big difference and help you to feel properly rested and awake.

The lack of natural daylight can have a big effect on people during the winter months and it can really get people down. SAD lamps are a fantastic way to help beat the winter blues and to get in some extra light. Another way of making sure you get enough natural light is getting out of the house when you can.

Getting out in the fresh air for a brisk walk or a run works wonders for me. – Virtually All Sorts

Don’t take the car just because it’s cold. If you can still walk it, do. Household Money Saving

stay healthy this winter

These are all things that can be done very easily, and are certainly not expensive. A lot of it can just become second nature and not even need much thinking about. Fingers crossed for an illness free winter this year!


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