What is period underwear and does it work?

What is period underwear and does it work?

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A typical period lasts four to eight days and the average menstrual cycle is 24 to 35 days long with the flow varying from individual to individual. Anyone who menstruates knows what comes along with menstruation. Aside from the cramps and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, a discussion about menstrual period is incomplete without mentioning menstrual hygiene products.

Both the technology of period products and the understanding of the menstrual cycle have advanced significantly over the years. To improve the comfort and environmental friendliness of menstruation, new products are being developed every now and there. There are many different kinds of period products accessible in today’s world. Period underwear may be something you come across when looking for the period products that work best for you and wonder what they are and how they function. Here are a few things to know about them:

What is period underwear?

Period underwear, also known as period pants are a type of clothing that offers sanitary protection while a woman is menstruating. Period underwear provides increased absorbency, a waterproof covering, or both to prevent leaks. Additionally, some of them contain elastic material that offers modest compression to ease cramping. Others contain compartments where a hot pack may be inserted to relieve cramps. Period products are not exempt from the growing trend of individuals seeking for more eco-friendly, reusable alternatives to the everyday items they use.

Period underwear is significantly more environmentally friendly than its rivals (tampons and sanitary pads). They don’t have any heavy padding, thus they are really rather comfortable to wear. They will help you save money in the long run and are simple to maintain and clean. Simply said, they have been shown to meet the needs of the greatest number of individuals and are regarded as outstanding value for money especially now that many people are becoming more and more conscious of their personal carbon footprint. Period underwear is washable, unlike all single-use items like tampons and pads, thus it may last for years. But how do period underwear function?

How do period underwear function?

Period underwear is incredibly easy to use; you simply put them on when your period begins, just like a regular pair of underwear, and they will collect the blood like a pad or tampon would. The three layers of period underwear are: a soft, breathable material that generally comes in touch with the skin; an ultra-absorbent middle layer; and a waterproof layer intended to stop any leaks or stains. The majority of period underwear is manufactured from bamboo and merino wool, however Weekiss makes vegan underwear using organic cotton. In general, period underwear may absorb up to six tampons’ worth of menstrual blood, and some brands’ underwear is super absorbent and can hold more than that.

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How long can someone wear menstruation underwear?

Depending on how your period flow is, you can wear the Menstrual Panties for up to 12 hours. You may test your Period Panties when you are at home and experiencing a high flow period to see how long you can use them. You will then be aware of how long you can wear your menstrual underwear yet staying dry. 

Can one use other period products with menstrual underwear?

Yes, you may always wear a menstrual cup or tampon in addition to Menstrual Panties, especially if you have a high flow, to avoid potential leakage. However, since sanitary pads have a waterproof bottom, a pad is not required. Additionally, it would make you feel uncomfortable; it would be like wearing a diaper.

How long do Period panties last?

Period panties are reusable for up to two to three years although this is dependent on the fabric’s quality and composition, as well as how you use, wash, and dry them. Your Period Panties may wear out more over time as a result of repeated usage and washing, which is completely normal.

How to wash period panties?

Period panties are rather simple to maintain and care for. To get rid of the saturated blood, rinse them in a basin of cold water. Next, wash your menstrual underwear by hand or use a washing machine at 30° or 40°. Finally, place your period underwear outside to dry naturally. Use of conditioner, softener, or tumble drying should be avoided since they can harm the absorbent core of the underwear.


Menstruation is typically fairly uncomfortable, so if there is anything you can do to make it less stressful and uncomfortable, you should seize the opportunity. It is priceless to have the independence that comes with not having to wear anything fastened to your underwear or have a little cotton bullet inserted inside of you. With the added benefit that it won’t leak or become stained, period underwear is just as comfortable as ordinary underwear and is absolutely worth giving a try.

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