Meal Plan Monday: When plans go wrong!

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week I’m back and talking about when plans go wrong!

meal planEvery week I do a full meal plan for Erin. As she eats at different times to me and John I haven’t started to plan for all three of us yet. Just recently though Erin has been changing a lot and learning a lot of new things. This means that following her plan doesn’t always work.

For the longest time, Erin followed a schedule. We were really lucky to be able to do things at set times and I could plan around what a normal day would be like. We don’t really have normal days though anymore. One day can be completely different to the next and I really have no idea what time to do anything.

Lunch time used to be between 12 and 12:30. Now, Erin tends to fall asleep somewhere around 11:30 and she could sleep until 2:30. Some days she only sleeps for an hour. This generally means that she sleeps through lunch every day and I have to decide what to do about that when she wakes up. Sometimes I skip lunch and give her a small snack so she eats dinner at a good time. Sometimes if she only sleeps for an hour I give her lunch at 1:30 or 2 and then she won’t want dinner until 6pm!

When things like this happens and we end up skipping meals, it messes with the weekly meal plan. Some meals are already defrosted which means moving things around a little bit. Thankfully this is normally easily enough done but I try to make it so we don’t waste anything as well.

What do you do when your meal plans end up going wrong?


8 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: When plans go wrong!”

  1. Yeah, it is tricky when they start to become a little older and their habits/routines change, and it sounds a pain in the bum when it messes with your weekly meal plan! I miss the days I put my kids down for a nap – reading you describe it makes it sound all cosy for some reason!

  2. I found it hard to adjust to new routines set by my son. But we got through them better than I anticipated. Even now our meals at the weekends can be a bit all over the place depending on what we’re doing or if we’re out and about. I try to go with the flow mostly.

  3. It can be frustrating when routines are disrupted but sometimes you have to learn to adapt quickly. If a meal plan does not go to plan then I just jig that meal to another day or time x

  4. Mine is always going wrong at the moment. For the last 6 weeks Darcey has pretty much stopped eating properly. Lots of food in the bin. All I can do is try each day x

  5. Yes it can be a bit tricky, but will change as your baby grows. You are doing good in making them in batches and freezing. So when your little one does wake, takenout to defrost and heat accordingly

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