Who is the Rave Queen?

Who is the Rave Queen?

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We’ve all seen her – she glides through the crowd effortlessly as the music thumps about her, people staring left and right. An electrified vortex forms around her, as she sits above the shoulders of the crowd and surveys the scene. She is the elusive rave queen, and the success or failure of her night depends on her selection of rave outfits. 

What to Wear

Rave outfits consist of a few typical items, usually flashy and attention-catching in nature. This can take the form of sequined tops, short skirts, and generally skimpy clothing. These outfits are designed to catch the attention of others at the rave, and facilitate social connections within a social night out. Various ways in which these outfits can be spiced up for a rave are:

  • Glitter
  • Bodypaint
  • Pasties or tape
  • Bracelets 

I Want Kandi?

The usually hand-made bead jewelry worn at raves is known as “Kandi”, and comprises a ritualistic subculture based around the values of peace, love, unity, and respect, or PLUR. This is a subculture that offers a welcoming and compassionate sociocultural scene to many people who feel out of place in the modern world. In this way, raves offer a unique and valuable social resource, and a way for individuals within modern society to let off some steam.

Appearance, clothing, and accessories such as jewelry represent a critical and fundamental role in the expression of this raver subculture. Through their chosen rave outfits, people can find an identity that they feel comfortable with, and through which they express their feelings, emotions, and desires more openly and honestly to society.

The Drop

The pivotal moment at an EDM show is when the DJ builds up the crowd like a steam engine, then releases the pent-up energy through “dropping the bass”, a bombastic combination of drums, heavy basses, and screeching synthesizers. At this point – the crowd goes wild, and the lights and music reach an ecstatic crescendo.

Standing, or sometimes sitting on the shoulders of others, will be the rave queen. She is immediately recognizable by her appearance, and her rave outfit will stand out from the rest. The planning and care that goes into choosing what to wear to the rave is the defining and pivotal moment that separates the rave queen from just an ordinary rave-goer. Critical care must go into choosing the fundamentals of the outfit and the right accessories, and the proper selection will create a magical and unforgettable rave experience. 

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