Why a UK road trip should be your next family holiday

Why a UK road trip should be your next family holiday

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When it comes to family holidays there are so many decisions to make; all-inclusive, abroad or in the UK, holiday park or maybe even camping. Today I want to tell you why you should be considering a UK road trip for your next family holiday.


The great thing about a family road trip is that you can organise it to suit you. Travelling with young children? Make sure you take plenty of rest stops for things like toilet breaks or to stretch your legs. If you are travelling with older relatives, a UK road trip means that they can be comfortable without being squished into seats on a train or being sat next to someone they don’t know.

All members of your family will be able to spend the journey doing something they like. This could be playing on a tablet, reading a book or maybe watching a film from the back seat. Of course, a whole family sing-a-long can be lots of fun to break up the journey a bit.


Although the cost of petrol isn’t the cheapest at the minute, the cost of train fares and flights can also be really expensive. If you choose a UK road trip as your next holiday you can take advantage of travelling by car and save some money in other places.

Travelling with children, no matter what age they are, usually means being asked for food numerous times on the journey and even when you reach your destination. Going on a road trip means that you can take whatever food and drink that you like from home and have them to hand in the car. Of course, you can go even further and take more food away with you in the boot of the car to save money on eating out later on.


Travelling as a family can sometimes be a bit of a bit tricky. Depending on where you are going you might need to take multiple suitcases and hand luggage, not to mention anything else such as pushchairs etc. Going on a UK road trip means that you are able to use space in the boot to store your luggage and you won’t need to drag it around for hours when you arrive at your location.


Something that can be really frustrating about going aborad or travelling by public transport is being stuck to a schedule. You rely on flight or train times and sometimes have to travel at particular times depending on the type of ticket you hold. With a UK roadtrip this isn’t the case.

Although having a rough plan is always a good idea, going on a UK road trip means that you have the flexibility to change if you need to. This could be because you’ve found something something exrta you want to do, the kids want to sleep in a bit or maybe you want to beat the traffic and travel earlier than planned. You could even make a detour if you wanted, if you see a sign for somewhere you like the look of or hear about a restaurant you’d like to eat at.


Why a UK road trip should be your next family holiday

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