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Why Is Nespresso so Popular?

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Nespresso is a truly huge brand. In fact, in the world of coffee and beyond, it has become a household name. So why is Nespresso so popular? In this article, we explore some of the reasons why the brand is so successful. What does Nespresso offer that other brands don’t? 

According to The Guardian, 14bn Nespresso capsules are sold every year. That’s an incredible production operation. It’s no wonder the brand is known all over the world really To fully understand Nespresso’s brand prevalence, it is important to understand the history of the brand.

The History of Nespresso

The brand name comes from the word Nestlé (the brand that runs and operates Nespresso) and Espresso, the popular coffee drink. 

You might think that the brand is relatively new. It’s only in recent years that the coffee machines have become commonplace in such a huge number of homes. 

Nestlé was already trying to make moves in the coffee business, when in 1986 the first Nespresso coffee machine was made, available with four different coffee blends: Capriccio, Cosi, Bolero (now Volluto) and Decaffeinato.​

The goal of the brand was to make it easy to create a barista-style espresso in your own home with no specific barista skills. This has been achieved through pods, and the brand did a great job of making these machines easy to use.

The “pod coffee machine” design has become extremely popular. Brands like Keurig have followed suit and created their own coffee makers in a similar style.

In the 30+ years the brand has been operating, they have released a number of Nespresso coffee machines with varying features. You can read more about the story of the brand history and its Swiss origins here.

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The Convenience of Nespresso

It is undeniable that the Nespresso coffee machines are some of the most convenient out there. It gives people an incredibly quick and easy way to brew an espresso.

Most of the products make it incredibly simple. All you need is a reservoir of water, and then you need to add a coffee pod. It’s usually as simple as pressing one button and the espresso will brew.

If you drink espresso then this is ideal, you can simply drink the end product, but you also have the choice to combine it with frothed or steamed milk to create barista-style drinks.

If you don’t want to do this work manually, some Nespresso models include features and functions that allow you to automatically create a barista-style drink including latte or cappuccino coffees.

An example of one of the Nespresso coffee machines that can let you enjoy a wide range of coffees includes the Lattissima One. This model is more expensive than most espresso machines in the range. However, it has a milk reservoir and the capacity to create beautiful drinks at the press of a button. You don’t have to worry about learning any skills.

The system is particularly clever, as it senses if there is any residue within the tank before starting to make the drink. This keeps it safe and ensures a delicious latte or cappuccino every time. Like a lot of the other models, it has a 19 bar pressure to ensure that the coffee extracts perfectly. Parts of this machine are even dishwasher safe for simple cleanup after use.

Though the Lattissima One is a little bit larger than many of the other Nespresso coffee machines, it will still fit comfortably in even some small kitchens.

There’s no doubt that the small size and convenience of these have contributed to the huge growth the brand has seen. It’s easy to install one of these machines in your home or the office!

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The Marketing of Nespresso

There is little denying that the marketing force behind the brand has played a part in its growth. In certain countries, everyone will have seen one of the iconic ads, either on YouTube, on Television, or on billboards around the world.

If you’re going to grow a huge brand, getting a celebrity endorsement can really help, and since 2006, George Clooney has become the face of the brand and its advertising campaigns. Humorous TV ads run in the UK, with the catchphrase “what else?” 

The marketing has been undeniably clever, but the products stand up to any test of quality. It doesn’t matter how good the marketing is, if the coffee isn’t up to it, people aren’t going to continue buying it.


It’s safe to say that millions of people enjoy Nespresso coffee daily. This Nestlé brand isn’t just popular today, it has played a huge part in the growth of the coffee machine industry and made quality espresso-based coffee available in almost 100 countries. It’s little wonder how much the brand has grown in recent years, even with more competition entering the market through brands like Keurig. 

The brand has also committed to sustainable coffee practices and fair trade farming, which is great for the industry and countries where the economy relies on coffee production.

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