Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

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Today I’m bringing you our Women’s Christmas Gift Guide. If you, or the women you know, are anything like me then you will like a whole range of things. Sometimes this can make me easy to buy for and sometimes it means there is too much choice! Hopefully you find some inspiration amongst these wonderful gifts!

I love to be pampered, and to pamper myself and one of my favourite things to do is to paint my nails. Leighton Denny have such a fantastic range of products and there is so much to choose from! The A/W17 range of nail polish is great and nudes are always a good choice. I love Tea for Two and Take Your Wellies and when pairs with a crystal nail file, they made a wonderful gift. Leighton Denny also have loads of other nail products such as quick drying miracle drops and anti-aging hand cream!

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

Earlier this year we tried some of the summer themed chocolates from Choconchoc and I LOVED them! Find Me A Gift are stockists and they have a lovely Choconchoc Truffle Selection for £9.99. In this box you get 3 x Salted Caramel, 3 x Triple Chocolate Brownie and 3 x Strawberry champagne. I tend to prefer white and milk chocolates but the dark salted caramels also sound delicious!

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

I have a rose gold rabbit on the desk in my office and it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose apart from the fact it looks pretty. When I found this Elephant Ring Holder on Find Me A Gift for £9.99 I fell in love. Sometimes my wedding rings get a bit tight and I need a breather for half an hour or so and what a wonderful place to keep them!

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

There’s not much I like more than a nice hot bath with some luxurious bath oils. You only need to use half a cap full per bath and it is not greasy at all. After a long day, I love getting in an Olverum bath and I come out feeling amazing! Olverum can be found in Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick as well as their own online shop with prices as follows:

125ml bottle is £29.00 and will be enough for 25 baths

250ml size bottle is £53 and enough for 50 baths

Travel set which includes 3 small bottles is £19 and enough for 9 baths.

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

I really like our house to smell nice and I also like working around nice scents. A nice smelling candle can really help to lift your mood and around Christmas, having a festive scent in the house is just lovely. Beefayre are a new company to me and I’m so glad I found them. Their Winter Berries Large Kitchen Candle smells absolutely wonderful and that’s even without it being lit. For £20 you get a candle that burns for around 50 hours and also, the jar can be used for storage when it is finished and cleaned out!

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

Personally, I hate being stuck in the house but then often means going out in the cold during winter. I also hate being cold but it’s important for me to get Erin out and about as much as we can. BUFF have a really large range of products to keep you warm this winter. This Neper Violet hat and neckwarmer cost £30.76 each and they are the warmest things I have ever worn! I can’t wait to wear them if it snows this year because I know I will be super toasty and warm.

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

Sometimes you need to send something in the post and know that it will fit through the letterbox, instead of the recipient having to go and pick it up from somewhere. Letterbox Gifts is the perfect choice for this kind of present! While there are options for men, new home, tea lovers and gardeners, I personally like the Chocolate Gift Set which costs £24.95. The chocolate in this set is really quite special and I’ve never seen anything like it before. This is what you get:

Amelia Rope Chocolate – Pale Lemon and Sea Salt.

Lucocoa – Natural Blonde Chocolate Bar..

Willie’s Cacao – Indonesian Gold Chocolate Bar.

Cocoa Cabana – Caramel Milk Chocolate Drops.

Fudge Kitchen – Handmade Double Chocolate Fudge.

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

Nivea always have really lovely gift sets, which can be found in Boots as well as other retailers. Their gift sets start at around £5, with the Beautiful Skin Gift Pack shown above costing only £10. This one smells divine and includes full size products, shower puff and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold wash bag. 

I may not have the time to pamper myself as much as I used to but something I do try to take care of are my hands and feet. I love this O’Keeffe’s Hardworking Skin Care Multipack, available from Boots for £17.99. If you work somewhere using your hands a lot, or generally find your skin gets dry from doing the dishes/ housework, this is the stuff for you! The set includes hand cream, lip balm and foot cream which is perfect for the winter weather.

You know when you go away on holiday and you want to take away a bit of jewellery but it all ends up getting muddled up and in a big mess? Well, Little Shop Of has come up with a solution for that! The Little Book of Earrings costs £20.49 and it has 4 pages with space for 12 pairs on each page (48 pairs). This gorgeous little book comes in a wide range of colours so there’s something to suit all tastes!

When I go away for a weekend or on holiday, I like to take plenty of make-up with me as well as my own toiletries because lets face it, hotel shampoo just does not cut it! Mia Tui are a company who design bags to make your life easier. The Beau Make-Up Bag* (£10) and Gem Toiletry Bag* (£12) make a really lovely set. There are other designs available too if these colours don’t do it for you!

*Make-Up and Toiletries shown not included

Some people are all about Christmas and love to get Christmas themed items as gifts. Ragged Rose have got some wonderfully festive themed items in a range of prices. I love the matching Billy Red Festive Christmas Apron (£15) and the Betty Restro Style Festive Apron (£20) and there are also the Tracy Red Festive Reindeer Tea Towels (£12) to match! If you want to have a true matching set then there is a table runner (£16) as well. These would make a wonderful gift for a family about to have their first Christmas together!

I would be so happy if I received any of these gifts myself this year! Hopefully you find something here that someone you know would love as well! 


Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017


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