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Me, him, the dog and a baby was created in 2015 when John and I decided to start a family. After a tough pregnancy and birth, I wanted somewhere to write about my experiences of parenthood and our life together as a family. Me, him, the dog and a baby has evolved into a family lifestyle blog over the past 6 years and we now cover a variety of topics from toys to days out!

We are made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin and we live in a small town in North Norfolk. As a family, we love to get outdoors and go for an adventure just as much as we like to have a quiet, chilled day at home playing games and spending time in the garden.

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I work from home full time and it really helps me to be able to be there for Erin and work around our family’s needs. I love to get together with friends for a hot chocolate, lunch or a walk along the beach. We’re really lucky to live in North Norfolk where it’s so beautiful. I have more dresses than will fit in my wardrobe and I love the colour blue! Recently, I have been trying to take more time for myself to do things like go shopping or have my nails done.

Me and Erin in Cromer

Erin (b.2016) is now in infant school and will be moving up to Year 1 in September 2021. Erin is a very outgoing child who loves an adventure and discovering something new. We can often be found outdoors exploring or in the garden playing. On Sundays Erin has swimming lessons, which she has been attending since she was about 4 months old.

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