Children’s book review: Out and About. Minibeast Explorer

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) This week’s children’s book review is all about Out and About. Minibeast Explorer. It was published by Nosy Crow and it can be purchased on Amazon*. The perfect introduction to minibeasts for children aged 8-12! Ideal for any budding wildlife explorers, this book encourages children to get outside and spot minibeasts in the wild! It is packed with fun activities and useful information about how to identify minibeasts whilst out and about, whether in a garden or adventuring further afield. Written by Robyn Swift in consultation with experts

How school can influence your child’s eating habits

I remember being really excited to start weaning with Erin when she was a baby. I tried to make sure that Erin tried all different kinds of tastes and flavours, especially the foods that I don’t like myself. As a fussy adult eater I wanted Erin to be more adventurous with food and to not have the issues that I do. However, I think it was when Erin was around 1 she had a really bad case of tonsillitis and after that she pretty much refused most hot foods and we struggled so much to get her to eat different

Children’s book review: Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks and other incredible creature features

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) Today I’m bringing you a children’s book review with the chance to win 1 of 2 copies for yourself! This review is all about Funny Bums, Freaky Beaks and other incredible creature features, which was published by Welbeck Publishing. It can be purchased on Amazon*. A delightful compendium of all the most unusual and unexpected features in the animal kingdom, from puzzling toes to weird ears, and all the other body parts in between! These creatures have strange features – but they all serve a very useful purpose!

What to do when you develop allergies later in life

AD | Paid collaboration with It’s really strange how you can go for a lot of your life without suffering from any allergies whatsoever to them sneaking up on you later in life. You might think rubbing your eyes a bit more every now and again is nothing but maybe it’s developing hay fever or having an allergy to dust. The thing with allergies, no matter what age you are, is that you might not know what you are allergic to until you come into contact with something. For example, you might not know that you are allergic to

Fantastic places for family holidays in Norfolk

I’m not a native Norfolkian (I know, that’s not really a word) and I only moved here in 2013 after graduating from Nottingham Trent University (I’m not from there either). Since then though I have well and truly fallen in love with living in Norfolk and even more so with exploring the county. Norfolk has so much to offer for families and there are some great places to go for a family friendly holiday. We’ve tried out a few places over the years: Norwich Norwich might not be people’s first thought when it comes to a family holiday in Norfolk

Children’s book review: This Is Not A Unicorn

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *)  This week’s children’s book review is all about This Is Not A Unicorn. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon*. This book is NOT about a unicorn! Well . . . OK, maybe it is! But THIS unicorn has a horn that can turn into the most incredible things – a magic wand, a helicopter, even a space rocket! Join the hilarious adventure and prepare to be amazed by your brilliant new friend. With wonderful wordplay and a funny and sweet friendship at its heart, this is NOT

The books I read in April

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) Since John bought me a new Kindle at Christmas I have been reading a lot more than I have done for quite some time. Every month I’m going to share a couple of my favourites so that you might find inspiration for your next read. The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse by Katie Ginger* Amelia loves her life in Paris. But with the surprise inheritance of her childhood home, she has no choice but to return to the small village of Meadowbank to restore her great-aunt’s old farmhouse. However returning

Lambing weekends at Wroxham Barns

Last year, when lockdown was lifted, one of our first days out was to Wroxham Barns and we all had an absolute blast. It was one of the places that Erin was the most looking forward to going again so as soon as they released their tickets for the lambing weekends I decided to plan a day out. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, you do have to book and pay for a ticket online and choose a time slot for your arrival. You cannot just turn up on the day and most of the days end up sold out or