Magformers Milo’s Mansion Set Review

AD | Gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *) Earlier this year Erin discovered Magformers for the first time. It was unlike anything she had ever played with before but she took to it really quickly. The ‘My First Play Set’ was a great place to start and for Erin to learn what she could and couldn’t do with the pieces. Magformers* kindly sent Erin a couple of new sets to try out and one of them was Milo’s Mansion Set*. Milo’s Mansion Set is part of the 2019 miniworld series which also includes Minibot the robot chef, Max the

Finding A Skincare Routine At 34

For most of my life I think I’ve been quite lucky. Growing up I had really good skin and as a teenager I never really had any bad break outs of spots. Of course, I had the occasional one or two but nothing major. I know I was lucky. Going into my 20s I was roughly the same; good skin that I didn’t really have to work to look after. However, now in the middle of my 30s things have changed. However, during those teen years and early to mid 20s I did not look after myself, especially not my

Going On Adventures With A Lazy Bear Foldable Backpack

AD | Gifted We love going out as a family, and while we’re not going quite as far at the moment, we’re still managing a few little adventures. The thing is, when you go anywhere with a 4 year old you need to take a whole host of things with you. I thought this would stop as Erin got older but it doesn’t seem as though we’re at the point yet. One of our biggest problems, being a non-driving family is being able to carry everything we need. A lot of the time we end up taking a bag full

The Start Of A Garden Makeover

When we moved into this house something we were quite excited about was having a large shed. We’d never had an actual garden before so having a huge 8×6 (I think) shed sounded like a great thing for us. However, we soon realised that not only did we not need that much space but we also managed to fill it with so much rubbish that we had to have someone come to remove it all for us… twice. We don’t drive so taking things to the tip ourselves wasn’t an option but it did mean shelling out £140. A couple

10 Fun & Educational Activities for Your Children

Written in collaboration with Emily Jones Combining learning with playing is the ultimate goal for spending time with your kids. Bonus if you can do something that everyone enjoys, too! We try to mix up the games and activities we do with Erin so she can learn new things and perhaps find a new favourite interest. Since kids also tend to get bored easily, having a few activities up your sleeve makes it easier for when a shift is needed.  Here are 10 fun and educational activities to do with your kids: 1. Play with an interactive language app Learning

Turning Garbage Into Fun With Re, Cycle, Me

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  Erin loves a craft, and we spend a lot of time doing this every single week. Buying craft kits, or even just various craft items, can mean being left with lots of plastic packaging or bits that you don’t use. We’ve recently been introduced to some great products, called Re, Cycle, Me. These are craft sets that aim to turn garbage into things such as art, games or even a princesses for a party! These sets come with a bit of a difference though. While you get most of

Sink And Float Tuff Tray

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  Erin loves doing experiments, especially if it’s something that involves water. Something simple to use the Tuff Tray* for is a sink and float experiment. What you’ll need Chalk or pens to write on the Tuff Tray Large container for the water Random selection of items from around the house We started out by marking off different areas of the Tuff Tray. I did think about putting different pieces of card down for each section (sink and float) but then quickly realised that they would get really wet and

Children’s Book Review: Drastic Plastic And Troublesome Trash

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *) This week’s children’s book review is all about Drastic Plastic And Troublesome Trash. It was published by Welbeck Publishing and can be purchased on Amazon*. We don’t think twice before we buy something new and when we go to the shops we take the packaging for granted. But where does all our rubbish go to and how can we keep it under control so that it doesn’t ruin our planet? This thoughtful but incredibly fun book enters the mysterious world of recycling, discovering how materials such as plastic, glass,