Our 2021 Travel Plans

2020 was supposed to be the year we did loads of amazing things. We had quite a few holidays and trips away booked and we wanted to make the most of this year before Erin starts school in September. Sadly, that wasn’t to be and we’ve ended up cancelling most of everything we had planned. We did get a break to Center Parcs and a short break to Haven earlier in the year but now we have nothing else booked in. Although this year hasn’t gone to plan, it hasn’t stopped us from making travel plans for 2021. Butlins Butlins was

Finding A Timeless Accessory With A Nordgreen Watch

AD | Gifted item Growing up I was never really a watch kind of person. For some reason I just never really got on with them but now I realise that I don’t think I found the right one for me. I’m 34 now and my style and taste has changed quite a lot. I love silver or white gold jewellery and what I wear is very simple. I needed a watch that would fit with this and I found one at Nordgreen. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of Nordgreen before. They’re a company based in Copenhagen (somewhere

Planning A Family Trip To Paris

AD | Collaborative post John and I were lucky enough to visit Paris back in 2014. We spent a couple of days there for my birthday and tried to pack as much in as possible. We had the luxury of being able to do things at our own pace and picking what we did and when. Next year we have a holiday to Disneyland Paris booked as we wanted to do something amazing for Erin after her first year at school. We wanted a really exciting adventure during the summer holidays so we decided to add some time in Paris

Great Gifts For Men That You Can Find Online

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  We live in a small town with only a few shops, the biggest probably being Sainsbury’s. We’re a non-driving family too so popping to our nearest city (Norwich) isn’t that easy, unless we want to get a train or bus, which isn’t ideal at the minute. With John’s birthday coming up soon it got me thinking about the different gifts you can buy online and I wanted to share some ideas with you. buyagift is a site we have used so many times over the last few years. If

Magformers Milo’s Mansion Set Review

AD | Gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *) Earlier this year Erin discovered Magformers for the first time. It was unlike anything she had ever played with before but she took to it really quickly. The ‘My First Play Set’ was a great place to start and for Erin to learn what she could and couldn’t do with the pieces. Magformers* kindly sent Erin a couple of new sets to try out and one of them was Milo’s Mansion Set*. Milo’s Mansion Set is part of the 2019 miniworld series which also includes Minibot the robot chef, Max the

Finding A Skincare Routine At 34

For most of my life I think I’ve been quite lucky. Growing up I had really good skin and as a teenager I never really had any bad break outs of spots. Of course, I had the occasional one or two but nothing major. I know I was lucky. Going into my 20s I was roughly the same; good skin that I didn’t really have to work to look after. However, now in the middle of my 30s things have changed. However, during those teen years and early to mid 20s I did not look after myself, especially not my

Going On Adventures With A Lazy Bear Foldable Backpack

AD | Gifted We love going out as a family, and while we’re not going quite as far at the moment, we’re still managing a few little adventures. The thing is, when you go anywhere with a 4 year old you need to take a whole host of things with you. I thought this would stop as Erin got older but it doesn’t seem as though we’re at the point yet. One of our biggest problems, being a non-driving family is being able to carry everything we need. A lot of the time we end up taking a bag full

The Start Of A Garden Makeover

When we moved into this house something we were quite excited about was having a large shed. We’d never had an actual garden before so having a huge 8×6 (I think) shed sounded like a great thing for us. However, we soon realised that not only did we not need that much space but we also managed to fill it with so much rubbish that we had to have someone come to remove it all for us… twice. We don’t drive so taking things to the tip ourselves wasn’t an option but it did mean shelling out £140. A couple