How to create a garden that you can relax in

AD | Collaborative post Since last year a lot of us have been spending a lot more time in our gardens and I don’t think that’s going to stop any time soon. If the sun decides to stick around for more than a couple of days I think we will be in for a really nice summer this year. You might be thinking about doing some work on your own garden this year and if you are, here are some ideas for how to create a garden that you can relax in.

What Can You Do with your Garden Room in the Summer?

AD | Collaborative post As the warmer weather sweeps through the country, we are all relieved to feel the warmth of summer finally arrive! There are many ways to prepare for the summer months, and a garden room can be the perfect way to host guests this summer. There are many different uses for a garden room, which make them a perfect investment all year round, but especially so in the summertime! From garden annexes to poolside saunas, there are many ways your garden room can be made for summer. 

Great ways for families to use a garden room

AD | Collaborative post In recent years, the garden has become a more sociable place than ever and personally, we use ours a lot more than we ever did before. Not only is it a place to play for Erin but somewhere we can see our friends and family and have BBQs or picnics. We’re really lucky that we have a large garden with lots of space. Lately, we have been thinking about what we could do with the space and what would benefit us in the long run. Something I think we all agree

Which lawnmower should I choose?

AD | Collaborative post It sounds like an easy question but there are many important factors to consider before making your choice. The best lawnmower for you and your garden is not as simple as you might think. The wrong one could seriously compromise the quality of your lawn. In this post, I will help to guide you and answer the question, “Which lawnmower should I choose?” Types of lawnmowers Before making a decision, it is important to understand the options available. Electric The benefit of electric lawnmowers is that they are light and easy

How to give your garden an uplift

AD | Collaborative post I wish we could have sunny summer days all-year-long. The kids could play outside and discover the wonders of all garden bugs and insects, and I could watch them play while sunbathing and relaxing. Sounds like a dream… Well, it is. Unfortunately, we can’t enjoy really enjoy our gardens and outdoor spaces during the winter and autumn – everything is grey, dull and cold.  What if I told you this is the best time to give your garden an uplift? A quick and simple refresh to prepare it for the wonderful

9 Essential Steps For Gardening for Beginners

AD | Collaborative post People have different hobbies to pass the time. You need to have a couple of hours to yourself relaxing and unwinding from a very busy and stressful day. Some prefer to listen to music, read a book, play an instrument, and even do gardening. If you have a big enough yard for a beautiful garden, maybe you should consider creating one from scratch. During spring and summer, any flower, plant, or tree looks gorgeous but consider asking garden experts from Roundrock if you’re not sure of anything.  However, if you haven’t done

Tips for Creating a Winterproof Garden

AD | Collaborative post When autumn/winter comes around, it can be tempting to close the patio doors, lock the windows and pretend that your garden doesn’t exist… for a little while anyway. Sooner or later, your garden will thaw and there will be weeds, damage and jobs to be done if you want it to look its best for spring. You can avoid all of these problems by creating a winterproof garden! Here are our top tips to help your garden survive the harshest temperatures. Choose Strong and Durable Materials If you want to create

Garden Makeover Ideas For 2021

This year we did quite a lot of unexpected work on the garden. It wasn’t so much because of lockdown but more because we had certain opportunities come up that we couldn’t say no to. I don’t think we ever would have done anything had our next door neighbour offered us a shed. It was the perfect opportunity to knock down ours and replace it. This was something we’d wanted to do since we moved in but just always found better things to spend money on. However, now that we have a lovely area at