Preparing For Nappy Free Nights With B-Sensible

AD | Gifted products Erin has been potty trained for a good few months and she’s at the stage where she is 99% free from any accidents now. However, she is still wearing nappies at night time as it’s quite unpredictable whether she will wake up dry or not. We have been thinking about preparing for nappy free nights for a little while now and will be taking steps to achieve this soon such as cutting down milk before bed. One thing that I was a bit worried about though was getting a mattress protector.

Potty Training Essentials (That Worked For Us)

AD | Includes gifted items I see a lot of posts claiming that certain products are ‘essentials’ for something or another whether it be newborn babies, parents to be or maybe fussy eaters. The thing is, everyone is different with completely different experiences. So, with that in mind, I wanted to write a potty training essentials post but everything you’ll find in this post is something we have used ourselves. Potty training books One of the biggest things about potty training is preparation. Going from nappies and peeing where ever you like is such a

Potty Training On The Go: Potette Review

AD | Gifted item Being a family who don’t drive can make days out or trips a bit of an issue. Without a boot to put everything in we either have to rely on suitcases, backpacks or putting bags on Erin’s pushchair. Now that Erin is potty trained she really hates to wear a nappy while we’re out and about and sometimes she decides she needs to go for a wee quite quickly. She hasn’t quite mastered the art of being able to hold it while we look for a toilet and even then, we

Potty training essentials from BabyBjörn

AD | Gifted items After we tried potty training with Erin for the first time back in March I soon realised that we were not really prepared enough at all. Even though we didn’t carry on with potty training at that time, we did learn a few things. We had one potty ready for Erin but we didn’t think about the practicalities. Erin’s bedroom is upstairs, we have a downstairs toilet and no toilet in our downstairs bathroom. We certainly didn’t anticipate when we would be trying again and how well Erin would take to it

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Potty Training

Back in March we had our first attempt at potty training. We got all kitted out with the Summer Infant My Size Potty and Erin loved it. We gave Erin time to get used to the new potty and a few weeks after it was delivered we got Erin some knickers and gave it a go. It didn’t turn out too well though and Erin just wasn’t ready at a place where she was ready for potty training. We gave up after a couple of days and decided to wait until the weather was nicer

Preparing For Toilet Training

AD | Gifted item For a while now I have been debating whether or not to start toilet training with Erin. I had noticed her showing certain signs before Christmas so it’s been in the back of my mind since then really. Apparently, there are 6 signs to look out for if children are ready to toilet train and these are: Going to hide when doing a wee or poo Pulling at a wet nappy in discomfort Having dry nappies for a longer period of time Being interested in other people using the toilet Waking