Books Perfect For Father’s Day

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  Father’s Day is just over a week away now but there’s plenty of time to order a gift online! With everything going on at the minute it’s not really possible to go our shopping for Father’s Day like we would usually. Erin can’t come out with me and pick something for her Dad but what we can do is find something online together and talk about what he might like. I know that this is going to be the case for a lot of families this year so today

Pub Quiz Books Giveaway

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  One of the highlights of our week at the moment is doing an online quiz run by Laura at Tired Mummy of Two. As we can’t go out at the moment it’s really good to be able to chat to others online in a Zoom meeting and do something a bit different on a weekend. Me, John and Mum all take part and I like to think we’re a pretty good team. However, we have come 3rd every week so far and it’s quite frustrating. There are areas that

Book Review: An Author on Trial by Luciano Iorio

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links  Today I’m bringing you something a little bit different and this is definitely not a review for a children’s book. Instead, I’m reviewing and offering a giveaway of An Author on Trial by Luciano Iorio. In 1939, the Italian writer Giuseppe Jorio (1902 – 1995) enjoyed great success with his debut novel, La Morte di un Uomo (Death of a Man), but, soon after the war, his career was ruined when he was prosecuted, subjected to five trials in six years, and found guilty of having written an obscene novel, Il Fuoco del

Book Review: The Starting School Book

AD | Contains gifted product and affiliate links I can’t quite believe that in a few months Erin will be going to school. She has been going to nursery since she turned 2 but school somehow feels like a much bigger step and there’s so much more to think about. We were recently sent The Starting School Book (AD) by Sarah Ockwell-Smith and I thought it would be great to get some hints and tips before September. Starting school is a huge important milestone for children and their parents. The best school years happen when everyone involved feels happy and

Children’s Book Review: Bizzy Bear Train Driver

AD | Gifted Today’s book review is all about Bizzy Bear Train Driver by Benji Davies. The book was published by Nosy Crow on 5th September 2019 and can be purchased on Amazon. Bizzy Bear arrives at the station just in time to start his exciting new job – as a train driver! Join him as he guides the big green steam engine through the city, across the level crossing, and then up into the high mountains. But where are he and his passengers going, and will they get there on time? Being a non-driving family means that we get

Children’s Book Review: Flip Flap Frozen

AD | Gifted Today’s book review is for Flip Flap Frozen from Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Series. It was published by Nosy Crow on 5th September 2019 and can be purchased on Amazon.  What do you get if you cross a narwhal with a reindeer? It’s a nardeer, of course! And how about a penguin with a beluga? Why, that’s a penuga! With over 121 possible creations, silly names and strange noises to make you giggle, this new Flip Flap book is perfect for preschoolers and ideal for animal fans. With a hilarious rhyming text and brilliant illustrations from Axel

Children’s Book Review: Beast Feast

AD | Gifted Today’s children’s book review is for Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett. It was published by Walker Books on 3rd October 2019 and it can be purchased on Amazon. Beast has found a tasty dinner, and he’s written to all his friends to invite them to a feast. Unfortunately, Dinner is a child who very much does not want to be eaten. As Beast’s friends send their instructions for cooking Dinner, is there any way Dinner can convince Beast to change his menu? Around this time last year we read our first Emma Yarlett book, Dragon Post, and we

Children’s Book Review: Nuts!

AD | Gifted  Nuts! by Lou Peacock and Yasmeen Ismail was published by Nosy Crow on 1st August 2019. It can be purchased on Amazon. When a little squirrel finds a big pile of nuts, he is VERY excited! But soon he is joined by another squirrel . . . and this squirrel thinks the nuts belong to HER. And when Mouse, Bear, Badger and Rabbit get involved, well, things get VERY confusing indeed! They won’t even listen to wise Rabbit. Will the quarrelsome squirrels ever learn to share? Ever since Erin was really little she has been fantastic at