Three tips for being more sustainable with your finances

Collaborative post When we think about climate change, most of us think about reducing single-use plastic, turning lights off, and walking more. But have you ever considered the impact that your money is having on the planet? When you deposit money into a bank account, it doesn’t just sit in a virtual vault, untouched until you want to withdraw it. Banks use your money to fund their activities, from loans to investments – the number on your account is simply a promise that you can get that amount back from your bank at any time.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Credit Card

Collaborative post Choosing the right credit card can feel like navigating a maze, with countless options and offers at every turn. In this article, we’ll cut through the confusion, highlighting key factors to consider that can guide you toward the card best suited to your financial needs and lifestyle. Factors To Consider When Choosing a Credit Card When it comes to picking a credit card, it’s not just about selecting any card. You want one that aligns with your financial goals, spending habits, and offers benefits that matter to you. Here are some crucial aspects

When is an appropriate time to consider improving your finances?

Collaborative post Whether you’re struggling to get out of debt or you have a fixed financial goal you’re desperate to achieve this year, now’s the time to start reconsidering your finances. No one ever regrets working towards financial freedom, and the benefits you’ll feel once you’ve reached your targets will be immense.  In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can improve your finances in a way that works best for your circumstances.

How to set yourself up for financial freedom

Collaborative post Money is a tricky topic for many of us, especially with the cost of living crisis stretching household budgets further than ever before. Unless you’re fortunate enough to be in a particularly well-paid job, have lots of savings or no mortgage, it’s likely that you need to take some steps to achieve financial freedom, rather than it just happening unaided. However, it can be hard to know where to start, and money is often a topic that comes with a level of secrecy or privacy, often making it difficult to find trustworthy advice

Four tips for first-time buyers saving for a deposit

Collaborative post Buying your own home is a massive milestone for many people, but it can feel quite overwhelming when you first start crunching the numbers and figuring out how to get there. Wherever you’re starting from, saving for a deposit requires time and patience, as well as a dedication to learning the skills associated with being more frugal and money-savvy.  To help break it down, we’re going to explore four top tips for first-time buyers saving for a house deposit. 

Tips on How to Balance Your Family’s Household Budget

Collaborative post Have you ever spent late nights with a calculator and a cup of strong coffee by your side as you pour over bills, receipts, and bank statements strewn across the dining table? Don’t worry, it’s a familiar scene in many households because the challenge of managing a family budget resonates with many—from those living in bustling cities to quiet suburban streets. Whether it’s unexpected school expenses, that ever-increasing utility bill, or simply trying to set aside some savings, achieving financial stability is often easier said than done. But the good news is that

10 Money Saving Tips You Should Know

AD | Collaborative post Ollie Norman, Content Marketing Manager at LiQuid In light of the escalating cost of living, the need to save money has never been more important. Given rising expenses and diminishing disposable income, it is now more vital than ever to establish an emergency fund to weather unexpected financial hurdles. In addition, if you are looking for ways to generate income in the absence of a job, having some savings tucked away can act as a reassuring safety net. Fortunately, there is a range of methods to make savings, spanning from the

Progressing Your Career In HR

AD | Collaborative post Human resource (HR) professionals play a critical role in the healthy functioning of literally all organisations. From ensuring that potential employees are a good fit to sorting out internal disputes, the responsibilities are highly varied, resulting in an engaging and exciting professional area. If you’re interested in progressing your career in HR, here are some tips that can help you achieve your goals. Lay out a clear career path As always, the first step when it comes to progressing your career in the HR world is to develop a clear career