A Short Break To Haven Seashore

Last month, before all the government advised against any travel that wasn’t essential, myself, Mum and Erin went to Haven Seashore in Great Yarmouth. We’d had the break booked for months having got a really good deal for a Monday to Friday stay for only about £70. With Erin starting school in September I knew that this would be my last opportunity to go away for my birthday unless it fell on a weekend. I couldn’t pass that up. Unfortunately, John had to work so he wasn’t able to join us.

5 Reasons Why We Love Haven Holidays

I’ll be completely honest here and admit that 4 or 5 years ago I would have rather gone on holiday anywhere than a caravan park. In my head it wasn’t somewhere I would enjoy and it wasn’t somewhere I ever wanted to go. Then Erin came along and my ideas about holidays changed completely. We went on our first Haven holiday in 2018 where we stayed at Caister-on-Sea and we then went back again in 2019 to Seashore. We actually loved Seashore so much that we have booked again for a holiday in 2020 just

Free Things To Do With Children At Haven Seashore

Where ever we go on holiday I like to make sure we do a range of activities with Erin. We also like to save money where we can to keep costs down. Visiting a holiday park like Haven means that there is already quite a lot included in the price of your stay and it would be silly not to make the most of them. We did quite a lot during our stay at Haven Seashore recently so I wanted to write a bit about the things we did that were completely free.

Staying In A Prestige Caravan At Haven Seashore

AD | Post contains affiliate links Caravan holidays are such a great way to introduce the family to holidays, but on a budget. There are so many different holiday parks in the UK and we’re lucky to have a lot right here in Norfolk. After our break to Haven Caister-on-Sea last year we stayed in a prestige caravan after being upgraded. When we were booking our break for this year at Haven Seashore I immediately looked at the same kind of models as we were so happy with where we stayed previously. I thought that

Our 4 Night Break At Haven Seashore

There are so many choices for Great Yarmouth holiday parks and it can be hard to decide where to go. As a Christmas present, we ended up booking a 4 night break in a 2 bedroom prestige caravan for around £180 at Haven Seashore. This was during term time as a miracle would have to happen to get a price like that in the school holidays. Mum kindly ended up paying for the whole holiday, but we did make it so she came with us too and got to enjoy it!

Free activities for children on a Haven holiday in 2022

Changes have been made to the way in which Haven holidays work now, thanks to Covid. You are now able to choose between just a ‘stay’ break or a ‘stay and play’ break where you get things like swimming and activities included. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the activities are free; a lot of them need paying for. Holidays are already expensive so I wanted to share the free activities that were available to us on a Haven holiday in 2022.

How To Pack For A Haven Holiday When You Don’t Drive

Being a family that doesn’t drive means that some holiday destinations are quite hard for us to get to or it means we can’t take everything we would possibly need. You may have read some of our posts recently about our holiday to Haven in Caister-on-Sea and to get here, we had to take the bus. Luckily, we are able to get a bus 5 minutes from our house and it dropped us right outside Haven. If it had been further away, we might have struggled. As Haven is a self catering holiday park I