Potters Resort: Activities for 5 year olds

On a break at Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea not only do you get all inclusive dining and drinks included but the activities are all part of the price as well! When you consider how much you pay to do some things at places like Center Parcs having activities included really makes Potters great value for money. We did quite a lot on our visit so I wanted to highlight so of the things that would be suitable for a 5 year old!

Potters Resort: All inclusive dining

One of the biggest things that attracted us to a break at Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea was that it’s a 5 star all inclusive resort only an hour down the road from where we live. We’d been on an all inclusive holiday before in Majorca and it was nice to not have to think about the cost of food or having to cook.

Potters Resort: A 4 night family break

This year we were supposed to be going on holiday to Disneyland Paris but sadly because of Covid we decided to cancel and get a refund. We wanted to do something special but close to home and Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea sprung to mind. I’d seen reviews on Mudpiefridays blog and it looked great so we decided that we’d give it a try.